Child of God - Cormac McCarthy

th.jpg Meet Lester Ballard- degenerate, serial arsonist, miscreant,general low life and/or perhaps mentally ill. Ballard is perhaps one of McCarthy's least redeeming characters in all of the many novels he has written. Follow Ballard as he battles the forces of mankind and nature in the backwoods of Sevier County, Tennessee. But even with all of his faults, McCarthy describes him as "A child of God much like yourself perhaps". Originally published in 1973, James Franco turned it into a film last year. In the end, we seem to have no clearer picture of that fine line that separates evil from mental illness than society had when McCarthy wrote the novel. We are repulsed by the crimes of Lester Ballard, but McCarthy makes sure we are repulsed by our own "law abiding" actions even as the pages keep turning.

Tweezer Beezer

From Balazs Szabo, renowned artist and author of Knock In The Night comes the delightful, enchanting tale Tweezer Beezer. It's a story for children of all ages (even those adults who are kids at heart) set in the lush tropical Hawaiian Island of Oahu where Szabo lived for a time with his two young sons. The book is beautifully illustrated and photographed. It involves a precocious myna bird and the life lessons imparted by what became a beloved family pet. Testing the limits of freedom, independence, and loyalty: the love of a non-human entity bonds a father and his sons together as nothing else can. Cat lovers be not dismayed, Cica the family cat leaves a lasting impression on the readers as well. It's a book that should be in every school library. It's a great story at Christmas or anytime of year.0.jpg

West, TX Tragedy - Donations

Please keep the good folks of West, Tx in your thoughts and prayers as they endure the aftermath of the horrific fertilizer plant explosion. As well as being known as a tight knit Czech American community known for its wonderful Czech cuisine, it is also a stone's throw from the boyhood home of Willie Nelson. It's also an area where my dad grew up as well. Willie has already expressed his concern and well wishes and due to his nature wouldn't be surprised if a benefit concert wasn't being planned. For now donations can be made to the Red Cross of central Texas 254-523-4985 text RedCross to 90999 to make a $10 dollar donation. Also donations can be made to Point West bank

Vampires At The Campfire

The "campy" cowboy singalong about vampires is now on YouTube

Don't Stop Believin': Everyman's Journey

Everyman's Journey.jpg
Don't Stop Believin': Everyman's Journey- the Cinderella story of Filipino singer Arnei Pineda- will open on Friday, March 8, in movie houses in 15 major cities across the U.S., the Philippine Embassy announced today. Directed by Filipino-American filmmaker Ramona Diaz, the film follows the real-life rock n' roll fairy tale of Pineda who was plucked from YouTube to become the front man for the iconic American rock band Journey. The critically acclaimed film revolves around the story of how Pineda was able to overcome a lifetime's worth of hardships and navigate the immense pressures of replacing legendary singer Steve Perry and leading a world-renowned band on its most extensive world tour in years.

Winner of the Audience Award - 2013 Palm Springs International Film Festival

Carnival Cruise Ship

Carnival Cruise Ship

I saw a man get gored by a bull in Pamplona
I saw bandits descend upon an Italian train
I've seen the worst of the worst in a Guatemalan prison
I've seen an innocent man get framed

So sail the world on a Carnival Cruise ship
Enjoy all the amenities
So sail the world on a Carnival Cruise ship
Close your eyes to the harsh realities
'Cause there's pirates on the water
and the devil's in the deep blue sea

I saw a monk immolate himself in Burma
I've seen monsoon rains wash it all away
I saw a friend take his own life in Denver
Just when I thought everything was gonna be ok

So sail the world on a Carnival Cruise ship
Enjoy all the amenities
So sail the world on a Carnival cruise ship
Close your eyes to the harsh realities
'Cause there's pirates on the water
and the devil's in the deep blue sea

I saw a man shoot up a grocery store in Reno
Blood flowed like a river down the produce aisle
I saw a couple get kidnapped down in Juarez
They had it made if they coulda walked one more mile

So sail the world on a Carnival Cruise ship
Enjoy all of the amenities
So sail the world on a Carnival Cruise ship
Close your eyes to the harsh realities
'Cause there's pirates on the water
and the devil's in the deep blue sea

(c) Les Marcott 2012

Texas Families

Texas Families is a project involving two French journalists - Melinda Trochu and Cecile Fandos. Their goal is to meet with various Texas families three weeks before the presidential election and share a meal, talk politics, and explore perceptions (misperceptions) concerning the residents of the Lone Star state from a French perspective. As they put it, "Let's hit the road and forget our stereotypes". A very worthwhile project. Interested parties can check out their site at

Love Is A Dog From Hell

It looks like the good doctor has managed to salvage some old song lyrics. The title borrowed from a collection of Charles Bukowski poetry. Hopefully to be heard soon on Jango radio.

Love Is A Dog From Hell

1.) Some say love is a dog from hell
If you ever housebreak it, only time will tell
Some say love is just a word you speak
Some say love is a heart that beats
Some say love is good but it can't pay the bills
Can't buy that house in the Hollywood Hills
Some say love is a rescue mission
Some say love is a heavenly vision
Some say love, some say love

chorus: If I say I love you with all of these various meanings
Would you love me too and understand what I'm singing
Some say love, some say love

2.) Some find love in the strangest places
In crowded rooms and open spaces
Some find love is the road they travel
Some find love is a mystery to unravel
Some find love is a hit or miss proposition
Some find love is just a superstition
Some find love in Paris, France
Some find love at the high school dance
Some find love, some find love

chorus: If I find love in various forms and locations
Would you find love too and feel an obligation
Some find love, some find love

3.) Some claim love on their death bed
Some claim love is just a line they've been fed
Some claim love is well worth the waiting
Some claim love is courtship and mating
Some claim love is a bill of goods they've been sold
A fable, a story that they've been told
Some claim love is one big gamble
A solitary, burning candle
Some claim love, some claim love

chorus: If I claim love in various incarnations
Would you claim love in any given situation
Some claim love, some claim love

(c) copyright 1999 Les Marcott

A Killer of Angels - A new novel from Kenneth Sibbett

From A Killer of Angels is a book you'll be afraid to read, but will hate to put down. Born to a prostitute mother and a father who pimped her, Gerald saw things no child should ever see. His mother sold herself to any man with a few dollars for drugs, while Gerald looked on in the same bed. He watched as both parents shot so much heroin in their bodies they ran out of veins. Switching to a cheaper drug like crack only made it worse on Gerald, who was abused by his father and sold to pedophiles to buy more drugs. No one realized that Little G was a genius who would grow up to take his revenge on his parents and also become the worst serial killer this nation has ever known. The book ends in a scene that will stay with you forever.

Summer Of 68 (The season that changed baseball, and America forever)

Tim Wendel takes us back to the tumultuous year of 1968. The assassinations of Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy, the raging war in Vietnam, race relations, and the caustic political environment of that year are the dark clouds ever present in Wendell's book. But with all of that, a baseball season still had to be played. Wendel's gift is that he is able to see how all of that turmoil played out on the field, the dugout, and off the field. And while he also analyzes these same events and their effect on other sports, make no mistake, his focus is squarely on major league baseball. Wendel follows the seasons of the eventual pennant winners - the St. Louis Cardinals, and the Detroit Tigers. Deemed the year of the pitcher, 1968 was the beginning of the end as far as baseball being America's favorite sport. Football would soon supplant it. But the '68 season would be one for the ages. By the time Wendell gets to the World Series, it almost seems anticlimatic. But that exciting contest is relived through the eyes of Bob Gibson, Denny McLain, Micky Lolich, Tim McCarver and other players less remembered today like Detroit pitcher Jon Warden. Detroit would go on to win the World Series four games to three. Wendel reminds us how important that championship was in helping to calm Detroit neighborhoods where the previous summer violent riots broke out.