April 2, 2015

The 20th Anniversary Oklahoma City Bombing Project

An emerging form of theatre art will reveal untold stories from the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City in recognition of the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attack. Oklahoma City University will present "The 20th Anniversary Oklahoma City Bombing Project" free to the public April 16 to 19 in OCU's Burg Theatre, located in the Kirkpatrick Fine Arts Center at N.W. 24th St. and Blackwelder Ave.

OCU theatre students will perform an original play based on interviews with more than 45 family members of victims, survivors, local officials and first responders. OCU commissioned award-winning playwright Steve Gilroy, author of several works including "Motherland," which toured the UK in 2009. The powerful drama shared the stories of women whose everyday lives were touched by the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Gilroy, who lives in England and is director of performing arts at Northumbria University, specializes in the genre of verbatim theatre, a documentary for the stage usually based on personal interviews and transcripts. The personal interviews that form the foundation of the play were conducted by OCU students, faculty, Gilroy and OCU Associate Dean of Theatre Brian Parsons. "We have a unique opportunity and responsibility to respond through art," Parsons said. "This work is a living memorial and a celebration of the tenacity, recovery and healing process of Oklahoma City." A portion of proceeds from the play's publication following the event will be donated to the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum. Gilroy said in the verbatim process, usually interviewers have to work quite hard to coax stories from people. "For this project, there is this incredible honesty that comes from people. I haven't seen that before in any other project I've done," Gilroy said. "I think that is something about the people of Oklahoma City. As soon as you start, people will talk about their experience of the bombing and that's one thing; but once they start to go beyond that, there are all sorts of different stories that say a lot about peoples' ability to recover. They find themselves 20 years later where they are no longer defined by what's happened and they are able to open new chapters in their lives." Courtney DiBello, instructor of stage management and faculty adviser at OCU, will direct the production. She said one unique aspect of the play is that the student actors and crew were either not born yet or were babies at the time of the bombing. "For these students who are participating in the production, and to a large extent the students who will be seeing the production, this is an education as well as a theatrical experience," she said. Parsons has a vision for the play beyond the April 2015 production. He wants every high school in Oklahoma to have access to the play by creating an education package that includes scripts, a documentary produced by OCU about the making of the play, a teacher's packet, and all the materials students will need to research, rehearse and create their own productions. "The overwhelming message that comes from everybody interviewed for this project is the regeneration of the city as the background," Gilroy said. "But I think in the end, it is going to be about these very powerful individual stories that when woven together are going to create quite a much bigger human story about recovery." Performances will be held at 8 p.m. April 16 to 18 and 2 p.m. April 19. Admission is free. Tickets are limited to four per reservation and can be reserved by calling 405-208-5227 or visit okcu.edu/ticketoffice. For photos, video clips and more, visit the media site at: http://www.okcu.edu/okcbombingpro ject/

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March 25, 2015


An Assembly of Memories
Four generations of indigenous women speak of 150 years of change and survival.
daystar1.jpg daystar2.jpg
daystar3.jpg daystar4.jpg

Artistic Director: Daystar/Rosalie Jones

"The performance was incredible... a delight for the eyes and heart... Daystar is magic!" --Indian Times, Denver Contemporary Dance-Drama of Indian America

Sunday, March 29, 2015
3:00 pm

University of Rochester
Spurrier Dance Studio
Tickets available at the Common Market and at the door.
$5 Students
$10 General Public

For more information, contact the University of Rochester Program of Dance and Movement at
(585) 273-5150 or visit www.rochester.edu/college/dance/events

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February 16, 2015

Body & Gender -- Identity & Sexuality:: Marit Victoria Wulff Andreassen at Stavanger Art Museum


On Friday 6 March 2015 at 7pm Marit Victoria Wulff Andreassen's exhibition Through the Woods opens at Stavanger Art Museum. The exhibition will be officially opened by Gunnar Danbolt.

Marit Victoria Wulff Andreassen is one of our era's most interesting and singular artists. With motifs centering on the body and gender, plus her critical questioning of aspects related to identity and sexuality, she draws our attention to core human experiences. Her works can be seen as vexing and titillating, beautiful and repulsive, all at the same time.


'This art dares to ask uncomfortable questions. We need these drawings because, while they appeal to us through their elegant lines, they also challenge our attitudes towards gender and sexuality', says Hanne Beate Ueland, Director of Stavanger Art Museum.

Even as a student, Wulff Andreassen's artistic practice generated great interest; before she graduated, her drawings were purchased by Norway's National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design. Since then her works have been incorporated into several key collections, and she has exhibited in notable art institutions in Norway and abroad. Her art is also featured in central art-historical publications. The impact of it, however, extends beyond the traditional sphere of art, provoking interest amongst academics and others who work with research questions related to gender and identity.
Despite the considerable attention and extensive exhibition activity, Through the Woodswill be the first solo show Wulff Andreassen holds in a museum. The catalogue published in connection with the show is the first to present a comprehensive overview of her artistic practice. Along with beautiful colour reproductions of the exhibited artworks and several public commissions, the catalogue contains essays by Sigrun Åsebø, Wencke Mühleisen, Tommy Olsson, Helga Nyman and Vibece Salthe.

Curated by Vibece Salthe, the exhibition features more than 70 works created since the early 2000s, some quite recently.

Further information:

Hanne Beate Ueland
Director, Stavanger Art Museum
E-mail: hanne.ueland@museumstavanger.no

Mobile: +47 994 58 973

Vibece Salthe
Curator, Stavanger Art Museum
E-mail: vibece.salthe@museumstavanger.no

Mobile: +47 93216473

(Read Ren Powell's review of Marit Victoria Wulff Andreassen's work: "What Nice Girls Draw" in Scene4 Magazine)

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February 3, 2015

Articulate Theatre - The Skin of Our Teeth

Articulate Theatre Company kicks off its 2015 season with its presentation of Thornton Wilder's Pulitzer-Prize-winning play The Skin of Our Teeth at TADA! Theatre, 15 West 28th St. The limited engagement runs from March 5 to March 22:

General performances: Thurs to Sun at 7p
Afternoon matinees: March 15 and March 22 at 2pm
Special evening performance: Wed, March 18th

The production is an Equity-approved showcase. Tickets are $18, and available online at www.articulatetheatre.com, or can be purchased at the door. Running time is three hours, including intermission. For press/media tickets and interviews, please contact ATCcompTix@gmail.com or 917.921.6760.

For the first time in 17 years, The Skin of Our Teeth comes back to a New York City stage. Why? Because of the incredible topicality of the play's theme: our survival against impending disasters of natural and man-made origin: climate change, political corruption, war - as frightening now as they were in 1942. Refreshingly, Wilder (and Articulate Theatre) believe in humankind's resilience -- we will survive!

The Skin of Our Teeth takes place in an Absurdist playground where the audience can never feel sure of its footing. Artistic Director Cat Parker says, "Wilder was ahead of his time in many ways. Using 'meta' theatre long before it was en vogue, Wilder makes his characters break the fourth wall periodically to remind the audience that this is our world he is talking about, even if we are watching woolly mammoths, biblical floods, and a cast that can't decide if they're on stage or in therapy."

Directed by Articulate Theatre Company Artistic Director Cat Parker, the play features:
David Palmer Brown (George) [King Lear; Dracula]
Joanne Dorian (Maggie) [One Life to Live; Solitaire, Double Solitaire]
Jennifer Wilson McGuire (Sabina) [Better Living; Boston Marriage]
Peter Collier (Henry) [Henry V; A Thousand Deaths]
Diane Terrusa (Gladys) [Fish Face; Gypsy]
Lisa Barri (Fortune Teller) [Richard III; ShadowBox]
Bob Jester (Fitzgerald) [King of Hearts; Good Morning America Johnny Johnson Dream Show]
Desmond Dutcher (Ensemble) [Gross Indecency; Pericles]
Cynthia Shaw (Ensemble) [Me & Jezebel; Jack London: His Lives and Loves]
Molly Collier (Ensemble) [The Threepenny Opera; Dolls House]
Carolyn Seiff (Ensemble) [This is Where I Leave You; Picon Pie]
Adam Perabo (Ensemble) [Midsummer Nights Dream; Hamlet]
Mary Monahan (Ensemble) [DOE; Ecstasy]
Michael Pichardo (Ensemble) [Keeper of the Vineyards; Allie's Appendix]
Alexander Moitzi (Ensemble) [A Midsummer Nights Dream; Robin Hood]
Andrew Bridge (Ensemble) [Lofty Dreams]

The production team includes George Allison (Sets); Dennis Parichy (Lights); Karen Ann Ledger (Costumes); Eric Seigel (Video Design); and Andy Evan Cohen (Sound). Liz Elise Richards stage manages and Sergei Burbank produces.

Articulate Theatre Company is an ensemble-based theatre company that thrives on being storytellers and using all the elements of our craft to vibrantly bring those stories to life. ATC is committed to challenging and connecting audiences and artists with clearly structured work that is intelligent, thought-provoking and visually striking. www.articulatetheatre.com

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October 9, 2014

Love Radio at FOAM


Galerie Gabriel Rolt is proud to announce Love Radio, a transmedia exhibition by Anoek Steketee and Eefje Blankevoort at FOAM.

This year marks twenty years since the genocide in Rwanda. In light of this, Foam presents Love Radio, a transmedia about the complex process of reconciliation in post-genocide Rwanda, told by means of the popular radio soap Musekeweya ('New Dawn')

The project Love Radio straddles the thin line between fact and fiction. The photographs and video-installations do not strictly adopt a documentary approach. The camera is not only being used to raise social issues, but is also an instrument of the imagination. By playing with light and directing those portrayed, alienating images are created in which the surroundings serve as an oppressive decor.

Photographer Anoek Steketee and journalist/filmmaker Eefje Blankevoort frequently travelled to Rwanda together. With the following question as their starting point: "how can perpetrators and victims live with each other again after a history of gruesome killings?", they chart the complex reality of a country after a traumatic event in a poetic manner. In doing this, they do not put emphasis on the horrific history, but on the present and future of Rwanda.

Love Radio is also about the magic of radio and the influence of media in a society. The same frequency at which radio station Radio Libre des Mille Collines  (RTLM) stirred up the population to kill the Tutsi in 1994, now radio soap Musekeweya is being broadcast. The weekly soap is widely popular and is listened to by approximately  80% of the Rwandan population. The story takes place in two fictional villages, Muhumuro and Bumanzi. Despite the enmity, friendship ties  between the villages exist as well. The love between Shema and Batamuriza is like a Rwandan 'Romeo and Juliet'. Musekeweya  seems to be a fairly normal soap at first, full of intrigue, heroes, villains, and romances. However, there is a difference: the soap must not only entertain listeners, but above all, needs to educatie how violence arises and how it can be prevented.

Besides this story, another one will be discussed in the exhibition as well: the reality of Rwanda at present. In video-interviews, creators and listeners of the soap tell about their experiences and the developments in the country. Piece by piece, the complex reality comes forward and it becomes clear that the truth does not exist. While happy endings dominate the soap, reconciliation is obstinate in real life.

Love Radio is an initiative of filmmaker and journalist Eefje Blankevoort (1978, NL) and photographer Anoek Steketee (1974, NL). The project comprises a web documentary, short visual stories for smartphones and an exhibition at Foam. The project is developed in close cooperation with Sara Kolster, Kummer & Herrman, Martijn Eerens, Thijs Gadiot en Thomas Lievestro. Love Radio is financed by The Creative Industries Fund NL, Dutch Cultural Media Fund, Foundation for Democracy and Media, SNS REAAL Fonds, Sem Presser Fonds, The Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK), Mondriaan Fund. Partners: Prospektor, SubmarineChannel, Foam, NIOD, Humanity House, Radio La Benevolencija.

The webdocumentaire is available on www.loveradio-rwanda.org . This exhibition is made possible by EIZO.


Elandsgracht 34
1016 TW  Amsterdam

T:  +31 (0) 20 78 55 146              
W: www.gabrielrolt.com
E:  gallery@gabrielrolt.com

Open: Wed - Sat // 12 - 18 hrs

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September 25, 2014

ขอเชิญร่วมพิธีเปิดนิทรรศการและพิธีมอบรางวัลให้กับศิลปินผู้ ชนะการประกวด จิตรกรรมเอเซีย พลัส ครั้งที่ 4


บริษัท หลักทรัพย์ เอเซีย พลัส จำกัด (มหาชน) จัดงานเปิดตัวนิทรรศการจิตรกรรมเอเชีย
พลัส ครั้งที่ 4 โดย ดร. ก้องเกียรติ โอภาสวงการ ประธานกรรมการบริหารบริษัท และ ณินทิรา
โสภณพนิช กรรมการบริษัท หลักทรัพย์ เอเซีย พลัส จำกัด (มหาชน) นำสุดยอดผลงาน
จิตรกรรม 2 มิติ 56 ชิ้น จาก 143 ชิ้นที่ถูกส่งเข้าประกวดจิตรกรรมเอเซีย พลัส ครั้งที่ 4 ภายใต้
หัวข้อ "ลีลาแสงและสี" ออกแสดง ณ หอศิลป์สมเด็จพระนางเจ้าสิริกิติ์ พระบรมราชานีนาถ
โดยมี 3 ศิลปินครู อาจารย์อิทธิพล ตั้งโฉลก, อาจารย์เฉลิมชัย โฆษิตพิพัฒน์ และ อาจารย์
สมศักดิ์ รักษ์สุวรรณซึ่งเป็นคณะกรรมการในการตัดสินการประกวดครั้งนี้เข้าร่วมงาน

ในวันพฤหัสที่ 2 ตุลาคม เวลา 14.30น.
ส่วนนิทรรศจิตรกรรมเอเชีย พลัส ครั้งที่ 4 จะเปิดให้บุคคลทั่วไปได้เข้าชม ตั้งแต่วันที่ 2
ตุลาคม- 30 พฤศจิกายนนี้ เวลา 10.00-19.00 น. (โดยไม่เสียค่าใช้จ่าย)

ศิลปินผู้ชนะการประกวดจิตรกรรมเอเซีย พลัส ครั้งที่ 4 ในวันพฤหัสที่ 2 ตุลาคม ณ
หอศิลป์สมเด็จพระนางเจ้าสิริกิติ์ พระบรมราชานีนาถ เวลา 14 .30 น.

กำหนดการ วันพฤหัสที่ 2 ตุลาคม 2557
14.30 น. สื่อมวลชนลงทะเบียน
15.15 น. พิธีมอบเกียรติบัตรและรางวัล โดยดร.ก้องเกียรติ โอภาสวงการ,
คุณณินทิรา โสภณพนิช
15.30 น. พิธีเปิดนิทรรศการ โดยการวาดภาพในเฟรมผ้าใบเดียวกันของ
ดร.ก้องเกียรติ, คุณณินทิรา
อาจารย์อิทธิพล ตั้งโฉลก, อาจารย์เฉลิมชัย โฆษิตพิพัฒน์
และอาจารย์สมศักดิ์ รักษ์สุวรรณ
16.00 น. ร่วมชมนิทรรศการและรับประทานของว่างตามอัธยาศัย

ผู้แทนดำเนินการประชาสัมพันธ์ P-Aha

สราญภัทร หอมสุวรรณ (ปิค) 081 620 2326
วารุณี อภิรักษ์สุขุมาล (วา) 081-867-7789

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February 28, 2014

Don't Sleep On Your Moon | Nik Christensen


Galerie Gabriel Rolt is proud to present Don't Sleep On Your Moon, an exhibition of new work by Amsterdam-based artist Nik Christensen. Christensen's fourth solo exhibition at the gallery will run from Saturday March 8th through April 12th.

Christensen creates his trademark sumi ink works on paper. These rambling, often larger-than-life pieces contain haunting imagery that straddles the line between the natural and the artificial, the organic and the mechanized, by interspersing intuitive strokes with pixel-like building blocks. It's a tightrope-balancing act, which Christensen has made even more explicit for the forthcoming exhibition, juxtaposing man and nature, society and isolation both in his methods and in his imagery.

Case in point is the title piece Don't Sleep On Your Moon. This almost two by three metres monochrome displays a group of men sitting at the waterfront in a forest, surrounded by piles of books. The ordered piles behind the men are contrasted by a chaotic heap of books in front of them, just as the wild outgrowths of the forest and its reflection in the water are interspersed with pixel-like blocks of blacks and greys. These ambivalences create an atmosphere of enlightenment amidst wilderness, like a group of post-apocalyptic, survivalist intellectuals sorting through the last remnants of human knowledge.

Ostensibly more light-footed in theme and imagery is Tomorrow Right Now, another large piece displaying a procession of festive men and women, carrying a guitar-playing figure adorned with a multitude of hats. Yet despite the tongue-in-cheek details and the playful procession itself, doubt will soon be creeping in. Why is that long line of cheering figures with arms raised in triumph preceded by despondent carriers with clothes like ribcages? Something's off, and that eerie feeling is enhanced by the wild mountains in the background, alternating rock-like formations with horizontal and vertical stripes. 

Man and nature are once again juxtaposed in the somewhat smaller All I Ever Really Wanted Was A Jungle, And A Jungle I Got. We see a painter working amongst a multitude of plants and flowers drawn in greys and whites that transcend their monochromatic nature, suggesting a carnival of colours and smells. But the arrangement of these florid surroundings, as well as the parasols towering over them, are distinctly artificial. The scene reminds one of the neurotic nobleman in Joris-Karl Huysmans' famous essay À Rebours, who flees the pragmatism and productivity of modern Paris to take refuge in a hermitage where he creates an entirely artificial world devoid of both humans and nature. Like the misanthropic count, the depicted painter is working in 'splendid isolation', creating art out of artificiality and in the process rendering authenticity to the spurious.

Frantic, kaleidoscopic, enigmatic, disruptive - Christensen's works leave the viewer dazzled and dazed, yet at pains to pinpoint what exactly makes these works so eerily unsettling. 

Nik Christensen (1973, Kent, UK) graduated from the Rietveld Academie in 2000 and lives and works in Amsterdam. He has had exhibitions at major Dutch museums such as the Teylers museum in Haarlem and the Stedelijk Museum in Schiedam, as well as myriad international galleries. His work is part of important private and corporate collections, including those of the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague, the Dutch central bank DNB, Gilissen Bankers and many international private collections. Major publications include Vitamin D2 International Drawing Anthology at Phaidon Books, Elephant Magazine and the monograph 'On the Inside of Jokes'.

For more information: www.gabrielrolt.com

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February 27, 2014

Articulating the Arts: A Thousand Words

Articulate Theatre Company is proud to be kicking off its 2014 season with Articulating the Arts: A Thousand Words, a riff on the world of classic painting, on Monday, March 17th and Tuesday, March 18th, 2014, as a guest production at Theaterlab, at 357 W. 36th St., 3rd floor. Tickets start at $25, with special packages available. Tickets are available online at www.articulatetheatre.com, and can also be purchased at the door. Running time is 2 hours inclusive of intermission.

Articulating the Arts is a benefit performance based on the notion that great art inspires beyond its own medium. Art changes and elevates our world, and ATC is committed to that mission. We are using works of art as a springboard and inspiration for writers to bring to life the soul of the piece they are moved by. Sculpture, painting, music, dance, fashion, architecture, poetry: each a genre unto itself, they now become the germ of creation brought to life through the magic of theatre. For this edition, Articulating the Arts: A Thousand Words, our playwrights are reacting to classical paintings. The evening consists of nine short vignettes - an inspired mix of humor, insight, and drama. Each picture is worth "a thousand words," but we kept it to short scenes instead!

Playwrights include Allan Knee (Finding Neverland, Little Women); Blayne Weaver (Weather Girl, Manic); Robin Rice Lichtig (Play Nice!, Alice in Black and White); Jamie Neumann (They Call Me Jack); Robert Verlaque (Icarus Sings, Endurance), William Locasto (NY/XY, TEST: Do You Really Want to Know); J.D. Laurence, and Jim Biederman (Whitest Kids You Know; Kids in the Hall).

Directors include Cat Parker (Artistic Director of ATC); Katrin Hilbe (Breaking the Silence, Salome); Bob Verlaque (Jealous, You Never Can Tell); Wendy Mae Shelton (Two Hearts to Handle, Ice Cream Is For Lovers; Jamie Neumann; Akia (Hellcab, Bug) and Eric Siegel (ABC World News Tonight).

Actors include Imran Sheikh, Richard Dezmond, Kelly Zekas, Kathy Towson, Bob Jester, Jill Bianchini, Marguerite Forrest, Matthew James Ballinger, Isabelle Dungan, Julian Elfer, Amanda Prasow, Sergei Burbank, Stephanie Seward, David Palmer Brown, Carolyn Seiff, Mary Monahan, Jen McGuire, and Michael Black.

This event will feature the work of master painters Pierre-Auguste Renoir (Lunch with the Boating Party) Vincent van Gogh (Old Man in Sorrow on the Threshold of Eternity); Gustav Klimt (The Virgin); Diego Rivera (Detroit Industry); Artemisia Gentileschi (Judith Slaying Holofernes); Johannes Vermeer (Girl with Pearl Earring); Edouard Manet (A Bar at the Folies-Bergere); Vanessa Bell (Still Life on Corner of a Mantelpiece).

Bios for all ensemble members are located at http://www.articulatetheatre.com/our-company.html
More details on the event are located at http://www.articulatetheatre.com/ata-event-page.html

Articulate Theatre Company is an ensemble-based theatre company that thrives on being storytellers and using all the elements of our craft to vibrantly bring those stories to life. ATC is committed to challenging and connecting audiences and artists with clearly structured work that is intelligent, thought-provoking and visually striking. www.articulatetheatre.com

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January 27, 2014


Theatre critic and artist Randy Gener was attacked on the street in New York City, returning home from an opening night party for a Broadway show on Jan. 18. He was found in the snow in a pool of blood. He has had brain surgery for traumatic injury, with more to come. Much-beloved of multiple communities around the world in the arts, performing arts, journalism, public affairs and many more, Gener has at least a year of rehabilitation ahead of him. 

Although the press is emphasizing Gener's important affiliations with the Filipino and LGBT communities, some who know him wonder if the assault was related to Gener's ongoing and utterly fearless coverage of the cultural arts on behalf of the world's oppressed, the imprisoned, the disenfranchised.

To contribute to Gener's medical care:

To read more press about the attack:

To read more about his courageous work:

Randy Gener is the Nathan Award-winning writer, editor, critic, playwright and conceptual artist in New York City.  A 2003 New York Times critic fellow, Gener is on the founding editorial board of Critical Stages, the webjournal of International Association of Theater Critics. For his editorial work and critical essays as the senior editor of American Theatre magazine, Gener received the George Jean Nathan Award for Dramatic Criticism, the Deadline Club Award for Best Arts Reporting from the New York chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, five travel media awards for writing excellence from the North American Travel Journalists Association Awards; and NLGJA Journalist of the Year.

Lissa Tyler Renaud

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January 15, 2014

Mahidol University Launches A "Star"


For the past 19 years the College of Music, Mahidol University, Thailand, has worked towards producing outstanding students and with a social conscience. This is the outstanding the achievement of our fourth year Music Entertainment student Mr. Kittiphun Kittipakapom (Most), who has passed the vigorous audition process which has landed him a one-year contract with Sir Cameron Anthony Mackintosh 's company for a role in the ensemble as well as understudying for 'Thuy' in the forthcoming production of 'Miss Saigon' opening in London in May 2014.
As Kiitiphun says: "I am so looking forward to the first rehearsal of Miss Saigon in March.I am over the moon to be part of the twelfth longest-running Broadway musical in musical theatre history and the thought of having a chance to learn from the renowned producer Sir Cameron Mackintosh is so exciting. I cannot wait to meet the rest of the ensemble from 15 different nations as well. This is brilliant!"

Production Website:

Cast List:

Announcement Video:


กิตติพันธุ์ กิตติผกาพรหม นักศึกษาหลักสูตรดุริยางคศาสตร์บัณฑิต ชั้นปีที่ 4 สาขาวิชาดนตรีสมัยนิยม วิทยาลัยดุริยางคศิลป์ มหาวิทยาลัยมหิดล ได้ผ่านการคัดเลือก แสดงละครเพลงบอร์ดเวย์ระดับโลก เรื่อง "มิสไซง่อน" ที่จะนำกลับมาแสดงอีกครั้งในเดือนพฤษภาคม 2557 ที่ เวสต์เอนด์ กรุงลอนดอน ประเทศสหราชอาณาจักร กิตติพันธุ์ได้เป็นหนึ่งในคณะนักแสดงและนักแสดงแทน ในบทบาทตัวละครที่ชื่อว่า "ทุย" พร้อมได้เซ็นสัญญากับบริษัทของ Sir Cameron Mackintosh ณ กรุงลอนดอน เป็นระยะเวลา 1 ปี

"ผมตั้งตาคอยการฝึกซ้อมครั้งแรกในเดือนมีนาคม 2557 ที่กำลังจะมาถึง และรู้สึกตื่นเต้นมากที่จะได้เป็นส่วนหนึ่งในละครเพลงในตำนานและได้ร่วมงานกับนักแสดงจากนานาประเทศ ได้แก่ สหราชอาณาจักร สหรัฐอเมริกา ฟิลิปปินส์ ออสเตรเลีย เกาหลี ญี่ปุ่น อินโดนิเซีย สิงคโปร์ มาเลเซีย เวียดนาม ฮอลแลนด์ สวีเดน เยอรมนี และแอฟริกาใต้" กิตติพันธุ์ กิตติผกาพรหม กล่าว

เว็บไซต์ มิสไซง่อน



Nichaphat (Darin) Phongsuwan
Marketing and Activity Manager)

College of Music, Mahidol University
Phutthamonthon Sai 4, Salaya
Nakhonpathom, Thailand 73170
Tel: (66) 2-800-2525 ext.150 Mob: 081-648-4227

"The future of the College of Music is therefore not about the future of a music college, but about the future of a musical utopia in a borderless world." College of Music, Mahidol University.

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