February 2014

Obituariaum - Robert Gullie and Anthony Pezzula - Scene4 Magazine February 2014

Artist Robert Gullie and writer Anthony R. Pezzula employ vintage photos as a basis for Gullie's signature mixed-media collages and created characters that Pezzula uses as the subjects of obituaries in the style of the early twentieth century. They created fifteen whimsical characters for display in their exhibit: Obituariaum: End Prose and Portraits. In addition to the exhibit they've compiled the collection into a book of the same name. Here are three of the fifteen characters in the collection.

Obituariaum - Robert Gullie and Anthony Pezzula - Scene4 Magazine February 2014

Dr. Winslow S. Sloan

Dr. Winslow S. Sloan of Homer, NY died Wednesday last in his sixty-fifth year at his home on Elm St. Despite a valiant battle, he finally succumbed to influenza. A noted ophthalmologist, Dr. Sloan authored several books on the eye and often gave lectures to colleagues and students. But his wife, Matilda Homer Sloan, descendant of the town's founder and well known in central New York society, reported that his favorite activity was donning costumes and visual aids and performing educational entertainment for children. Always accompanied by his constant companion and life-like doll, Eye-leen, he ended each performance with his favorite phrase, "Remember, eyes love you." His final hours were spent surrounded by his loving wife and faithful servants while lying next to Eye-leen. Mrs. Sloan indicated he will be interred in the family's mausoleum at Homer Rural Cemetery, while Eye-leen will be cremated.


Obituariaum - Robert Gullie and Anthony Pezzula - Scene4 Magazine February 2014

Anson B. Chichester

Cable advice was received here today of the death in New Guinea of Anson B. Chichester, former president of the Farmer's and Merchant's Bank and Loan Company of Ghent, NY. Mr. Chichester resigned from that position in 1918 shortly before the company folded under questionable circumstances and to the dismay of its customers who lost the funds in their accounts. A would-be explorer, Chichester travelled to New Guinea with his wife who disappeared shortly thereafter, her body never found. Two weeks after her disappearance Chichester married Mianna, daughter of tribal Chief Khorve Kunava. Chichester was stricken with jaundice and in a delirium wandered off a steep cliff to his death. Chief Kunava reported Chichester's body, in accordance with his wishes, will be sautéed with native onions and potatoes. 


Obituariaum - Robert Gullie and Anthony Pezzula - Scene4 Magazine February 2014

Agatha Schmetterling

Agatha Schmetterling singer, dancer and noted socialite expired Tuesday last in Miami, Florida in her sixty-fourth year. The New Rochelle, NY resident was the daughter of famed entomologists the late Tobias and Anke Schmetterling and was a product of one of their misguided experiments. Miss Schmetterling performed at venues throughout the New York City area as well as at private functions for the social elite. Her generous inheritance allowed her access to befriend many of the rich and powerful and endear herself to them. In the winter she could not resist the urge to migrate south, and became just as popular in South Florida society. It was there at a beach party bonfire that she wandered too close to the flames suffering mortal wounds. Her wings will be mounted and framed to be displayed at New Rochelle High School where she set many track records that still stand.


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Obituariaum: End Prose and Portraits
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Robert Gullie  - Scene4 Magazine February 2014
Robert Gullie is an artist who works in mixed media collages, hand-tinted photography and photopolymer gravure printing process. His work has appeared in over eighty exhibitions including more than twenty-five solo exhibitions. He is the recipient of many awards and critical accolades.
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Anthony Pezzula - Scene4 Magazine February 2014
Anthony R Pezzula is a writer of plays and short stories. His stories have been published in an array of publications. His short story, Making Friends, was recently adapted into a short film and screened in film festivals around the country. His plays have been performed around New York's Capital Region, New York City, Connecticut and New Jersey
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