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Fertility In Chaos

The Art of David Wiley
and Poetry

In Vivo In Vitro

Life is not as brittle as a glass comb,
or death as dark as childhood sleep.
What really matters is what quietly breaks
into fragments carefully cataloged
and kept apart from thumbtacks, pins
and the various systems of metamorphosis.

Do "the parents die when the child is born"?
Is the fork in the tree so close to the ground?
Maybe when the mirror falls
it never lands before we wake,
but simply disappears in the wrong tense,
visiting itself upon a photograph of ghosts.

Science will find its panoply of shards
hidden in the underground among its
petrified and shattered visions. Everything
returns to haunt the dream where,
pasted flesh to glass, the little
parts of life are there for everyone to see.


March 2014

Art and Text Selection:
Lissa Tyler Renaud

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David Wiley, painter-poet: graduate of U. Kansas; studied in Mexico and with
artist Ignacio Belen in Barcelona. Widely traveled, he exhibits throughout
California and abroad. Wiley has published two volumes of poetry: Designs for
a Utopian Zoo
(1992) and The Face of Creation (1996). Ongoing since 2005,
Wiley has received mural commissions in Arizona, Mexico and California. A book
about his work, The Poetry of Color, is in progress.
To inquire about David Wiley's paintings, click here.
For more of his paintings, poetry and articles,
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March 2014

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