November 2014

Folies-Bergere | The Art of David Wiley Scene4 Magazine November 2014

A Bar at the Folies-Bergère, after Manet

The Art of David Wiley
and Poetry

Duels with Beauty/A Prayer


Beauty is exuberance

thus we are seduced

thus we are a compilation

of all the things

that have seduced us


every harebrained gesture

true or false

that set the world spinning

deep within

the unbearable torpor

of our longing


every set of words

that added

a novel piece of edifice

ugly or divine

to the impalpable blueprint

of our becoming


all the one-implanted seeds

bursting in the feverish

amniotic fields

of our nameless desire

each of the little gongs

that signaled the élan's advance

and the mournful whistles

that followed its retreat


grant me the vision

to see Beauty's ploys

to see how she moves

though all the interstices

of freedom's odyssey


grant me the strength

to hold Beauty's force

tightly against the flesh

of my soul

long enough

to let her music

permeate my bones


give me the trustful innocence

to open all doors and windows

to the sweeping advances

of Beauty's invincible oceans


grant me the magic shield

to parry Beauty's thrusts

and send her reeling

onto her own stage

illuminated by her own laughs

where from a certain distance

I will watch and discover

like a child

absorbing a circus


I will forsake food and sleep

these gardens of delight

will nourish me forever

these graceful movements

regular as the stars

will give me rest


I will clutch her in my arms

and we will roll

on the floor of the forest

biting and scratching

learning each other's warts


overhead the birds will chatter

somewhere a cat will nod

the trees will sigh

and in the autumn

under the cover of leaves

we will dream together

of all those worlds

where there is no doubt whatever

that everything has wings.

Art and Text Selection:
Lissa Tyler Renaud

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November 2014


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