October 2014

Becoming Epiphytic - David Wiley - Scene4 Magazine Special Issue - October 2014

Becoming Epiphytic


Ever since the water disappeared

she has walked

through her colonnaded garden

watching the flowers die.

At first

they moaned a little

asking politely for a drink.


they began to rebel

canceling all shows

withholding even a hint of color.

They withdrew and steeled themselves

for the ordeal in progress

having no idea

how long it would last.

She watched them

almost scientifically

offering no relief or apology.

There was no water

to be conjured

no estivation

no comfort in sleep.

The flowers

desperate and wounded

began to send their roots

farther afield.

She came every day

and once in a while

taking pity

nourished them a little

with a tear.

They wanted to live

to continue feeling her breath

upon their leaves and petals

her smile

and the luster in her eyes.

They explored deeper and deeper

into the earth

seeking life

in the most unlikely places.

Gradually the flowers

having tasted enough

of withered soil

and finding their lady's tears

too salty

learned to live on sunlight

and the moisture in the air.


as they opened their petals

and grew leaves like wings

her presence

became unnecessary

and finally

catching a strong ocean breeze

they floated away

bobbing and dipping

dancing on the air

ignoring the rivers below.

Drawing and Poetry by David Wiley

Art and Text Selection:
Lissa Tyler Renaud

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October 2014



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