Grandmother Spider Woman - Griselda Steiner Scene4 Magazine September 2014

Southwest American Indian – Hopi

Griselda Steiner

Ancient stories have a way of resonating beyond their origins and throughout time.  Grandmother Spider Woman was the Great Creatrix in the myths of Southwest American Indian tribes who formed the universe and all races of people.  As the world today faces many earth and climate catastrophes, we can learn from an indigenous culture that 'listened' to nature and understood themselves to be a part of her sacred wheel of life.


High above the desert floor, Grandmother Spider Woman sat atop Spider Rock Mountain and spun the luminous threads of life.  As she thought, she gave light from her power to form the swirling stars of the universe.  As she sang and sang her creation, she gave us light from the sun and fire.  As she spun her web, she created the four directions.  She sang her two daughters to life; UT SET, mother of the Pueblo people and NAU UT SET who from yellow, red, white and black clay created all races. She gave instructions to her people to create a social order with children descending from the mother.  As she weaved and weaved her web, she scanned the vast expanse with her huge eyes looking for signs of disorder.  The white rock at the top of her mountain is said to be made from the bones of naughty children.  As she remembers and re-remembers, her people try to be of good behavior.

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