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Guan Yin

Griselda Steiner

The vernal equinox, that occurs this year on March 20th, is a time in the earth's annual cycle when the length of the day and night are the same. As darkness is dispelled, the deeply rooted concept of the sacrifice of a resurrected deity is celebrated in many religions and cultural myths to honor the return of spring. The Christians celebrate Easter and the Jews, Purim. In ancient Greece the Eleusinian Mystery ritual enacted the return of Persephone from the underworld. In old Egypt, Osiris came back to life. In Buddhism, Guanyin meaning "Observing the Cries of the World" was an enlightened Bodhisattva who sacrificed immortality to bring mercy and compassion to humanity.


Guan Yin
Chinese Goddess Of Compassion


In the lands of the universe there is no place

Where she does not manifest herself...

Compassion wondrous as a great cloud,

Pouring spiritual rain like nectar,

Quenching the flames of distress!"

The Lotus Sutra


From India to China then Japan

I have graced many lands

With Buddha as my prince

I am worshipped in statutes of silence


Amber, Pearl, Jade and Bone

The lotus blossom is my throne


Rooted in dark waters of life's misery

Grows a virgin heart, Mother of Mercy


Illumination to the blind

My robes shield humankind


To save souls from suffering

I walk the earth

Sacrificing eternal bliss

Promised to Immortals in the jeweled forest.



April 2015

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