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Solane Antheros
Senior Writers
Michael Bettencourt
Nathan Thomas
Arthur Meiselman
Les Marcott
Claudine Jones
Karren LaLonde Alenier
Griselda Steiner
Renate Stendhal
Carla Maria Verdino-S√ľllwold
Kathi Wolfe
Janine Yasovant
Catherine Conway Honig
Lia Beachy
Lissa Tyler Renaud
Patrick Walsh
Film Critic
Miles David Moore
Elliot Feldman
Contributing Writers
and Artists

Jon Rendell
David Wiley
Iri Kopal
Selena Zachai
Celine Nally
Martin Burke
Sandeep Girish Bhatnagar
John Lee Clark
Adrean Clark
Martin Challis
SS. Burrus
Ned Bobkoff
Rich Yurman
John Freeman
Grace Cavalieri
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Tevra Staiman
Mark Wellman
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Albert Camus
George Orwell
Christopher Hitchens
Marcus Aurelius
Mr. Welles
Mr. Kane
Stephen Jay Gould
Carl Sagan
Steve Esquerre
Luc Besson
Gene Roddenberry
Lawrence Krauss
Eugene Pallette
Black Elk
Lester Cole
Nurva Columbinia
Stanley Kubrick
Rene Estravent
Margaret Hamilton
Eli Cross
H.L. Mencken
Billy Batson
Gerald L.C. Copley
Will Durant

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July/August 2015

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Scene4 (ISSN 1932-3603), published monthly by Scene4 Magazine - International Magazine of Arts and Culture. Copyright © 2000-2015 AVIAR-DKA LTD - AVIAR MEDIA LLC. All rights reserved. Now in our 15th year of publication with Worldwide Readership in 126 Countries and comprehensive archives of 8500 pages.

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