Secrets of Dogpatch and Pier 70
The Photography of Jon Rendell

The Industrial Riviera is how proprietor of local sushi restaurant, Moshi Moshi's Mitsuru Akashi, jokingly refers to his neighborhood. Recently I found a vintage panorama of the area on ebay, which prompted me to hike around my hood with my camera. At first I wanted to find the original site of the 1917 panorama and take an image from the same perspective (see below). With that in the bag I continued on my way and found some other gems I’d like to share. 

Secrets of Dogpatch and Pier 70 | The Photography of Jon Rendell | Scene4 Magazine  June 2015

The dry dock at Pier 70


The Ramp restaurant at dawn, with the dry dock floating in the background behind the Matson ship. The Ramp appears in a scene of Woody Allen’s “Blue Jasmine” with Cate Blanchett.


I find that this looks oddly like a landscape view rather than a parking lot wall.


The Potrero Hill Police Station, (now deserted), was built in 1915 with Mayan revival touches.


Whimsical shadows from water hydtrants in the noonday sun on Tennessee Street.


Hell’s Angel’s 'Frisco‘ chapter has its headquarters in Dogpatch.


I found one small hole in the fencing of the Union Iron Works machine shop which was built in 1885-1888.
It is the very building which appears below in the 1917 panorama (left).


San Francisco’s 30th Mayor, James (Sunny Jim) Rolph, is celebrating the raising of the flag over the Union Iron Works with a huge crowd in 1917. To view a much larger version of the above image go to this link –


Same spot today, 20th near Illinois St, San Francisco.


June 2015

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