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Michael Bettencourt-Scene4 Magazine

To a man with a hammer, the whole world looks like a nail
Michael Bettencourt

Arthur Meiselman-Scene4 Magazine

Second Reunion
The Jew
In The Box
Arthur Meiselman

Nathan Thomas-Scene4 Magazine
Les Marcottt-Scene4 Magazine
Claudine Jones-Scene4 Magazine
Patrick Walsh-Scene4 Magazine

Choosing A Show
What stories do our audiences need to hear and see?
Nathan Thomas

Bad Karaoke
Now it’s 2015 and you can
banish bad karaoke my friends

Les Marcott

It’s All Theatre
If you feel like you’re gonna faint
just sit down
Claudine Jones

The Art of the Tell
Baseball as voiced by Gary Cohen, Ron Darling, & Keith Hernandez
Patrick Walsh




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