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Flea Markets
In a former life in a far distant
galaxy, my second wife and I had a
weekend table at a local flea market

Michael Bettencourt

Body and Soul
There is a price to be paid for the
necessary rise of feminism. Define
femininity and feminine as you will
Arthur Meiselman

Comedy-A Sermon of Humanity
A rabbi, a doctor, and an Irishman
walk into a bar. The bartender looks
at them and says...
Nathan Thomas

Send In The Clowns 2016
And now for a few laughs: that
fringe of the fringe, best of the
worst, and worst
Les Marcott

Center Effect
One memorable Saturday we had a
night of continuously interrupted
sleep—an individual was chewing
Claudine Jones

Technicolor Ends Here
Once upon a time, the landlocked
Incorporated Village of Valley Stream
was the cradle engeniussed youths

Patrick Walsh



February 2016

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