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Wishing You...

Yes indeed, wishing you a happy and peaceful New Year. Here's hoping you get some, as long as you avoid the poison. Drugs and alcohol (it's a drug, you know) are all okay in the frenzied, diaphanous pursuit of happiness... religion is the poison.

The first elected female state governor in the United States, M.A. ("Ma") Ferguson, when asked if the Bible should also be taught in Spanish replied: "If English was good enough for Jesus, then it's good enough for me." And that about sums up the ludicrous, misbegotten nature of all religious activity, of Christianity, Judaism, Mohammadism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Consumerism, and the myriad tribal brayings that have comforted and plagued the human species beginning with the first hominid who heard the first thing that went bump in the night.

Jesus of Nazareth was not a Christian, he was a Jew, a Hebrew. Allegedly, he was raised as a Hebrew, practiced the Hebrew religion. As described a 100 years after his alleged death and not during his alleged life, he was a Hebrew when he promoted rebellion, when he was crucified, and when he reappeared after burial in a cave. There is no empirical evidence that he ever existed. Christianity is a product of post-Jesus history.

Muhammed was not a Muslim. He was a Saudi Arabian merchant who had visions and became self-described as the last prophet of "god" in the line of Adam, Abraham, Moses and Jesus. Which means he was a Hebrew and a Christian. There seems to be empirical evidence that he existed though the first biographical accounts of his life and leanings didn't appear for 100 years or so after his death. Islam is a product of post-Muhammed history.

Siddhārtha Gautama was not a Buddhist. Allegedly, he was a prince who was born around 2500 years ago, long before Jesus, Muhammed, priests and popes, mullahs and imams, abbots and monks, mohels and grand rabbis. Apparently he was an atheist, not even pagan gods for him. There is no empirical evidence that he existed since the first historical descriptions didn't appear until a few 100 years after his alleged death. Buddhism is a product of post-Gautama.

It's all marketing... Gautama, Jesus, Muhammed, Henry Ford never experienced the comfort or the plague of the religions that were founded in their names, that grew into huge, tribal, power- wealth collecting, people-oppressing, people depressing, people suppressing self-justifying institutions. And pray tell, what is that comfort that all religion factories manufacture and sell to their customers? It is comfort from the fear of the unknown, the unseen, the thing that goes bump in the night. It is the comfort that there is an answer to the perceived futility of living and then dying. It is the comfort that there is life in death, life after death, life without death, that there is a "heaven." That there is something else other than a spontaneous life, an unwarranted death and the mystery of what appears in between.

Fundamentalism... is almost mind-blanking when envisioning the twisted, contradictory, politically agendaized scribblings written by self-endowed, delusional little men and printed on paper in a book held up over the head of a woman about to be stoned or burned.

Fundamentalism... derived from and integral to all religions, is the most virulent blank- stare terror of the plague. It survived and flourishes today on one core motive:
the suppression, the subjugation, the denigration of women,
the suppression, the subjugation, the denigration of women.

Recognize that, illuminate it, remove it... and the plague of Fundamental religious madness will disappear.

You are a member of a species that is intent on destroying itself by destroying its fellow members in the name of unmitigated, fearful comfort and thereby the only species that is driven to destroy this small planet,

The only way to overcome things that go bump in the night is to turn on all the lights, look into a mirror, and see... you.
You are the thing that goes bump in the night.

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