Vermont | Griselda Steiner | Scene4 Magazine | January 2016 |

Griselda Steiner

Where the grass never tread by centuries of unknown footsteps
Seek a romantic chase across the fields

Porches set like ancient tables
Watch the feast missed by terrors met outside

A parchment of field laid brown
- A hill –
Clouds headed miles from the flight of a solitary bird

Houses for Sale

Women walk with the sound of their children’s lives
Past the workmen’s trucks
A conformity of red and green

The mountains’ glacier history was written before man’s time
And the streams mud gray and the weeds green
Soft from a window
 Harsh to the naked foot.

A Vast Hope

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Griselda Steiner is a poet, dramatist and a freelance writer and Senior Writer for Scene4.
Visit her website:!contact/c6os
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January 2016

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