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Mario's Theme Song

Griselda Steiner


From  the original screenplay "daVINCI'S NEW WORLD ORDER"


In light of today's dire political reality playing out in American media, the prospect of a charismatic, lovable mafia Don - Mario Donnato daVinci - becoming the U.S. president seems a desirable alternative.


"daVINCI'S NEW WORLD ORDER" is based on the unprecedented premise that a Mafia Don and his Gang of colorful characters can rise above their criminal status, cut off their connections with, but not the tactics of the underworld and become revered politicians.


Mario built his empire in Northern New Jersey and can rest comfortably in the glow of being a local "Bigga Boss" - a man popular with ordinary people. Mario's skyrocketing political career takes him from the governorship of New Jersey to the White House. As president, he makes his Gang his cabinet and together they implement their own New World Order. The irony of their leadership is that they are able to solve the country's problems utilizing similar techniques to those they successfully employed as racketeers. Using the motto "Let's go Letgit - Let's get out of it", they create the independent 'Big Pie" ticket and are the first Mafiosi to make it through the mainstream into the top White House power elite.


Gamble on Mario


When you lose - You win

And when you win - You lose


What's the name of his game?

Mario's game is change


Cruise inside his limo with his mistress and chauffeur

To the Inner Sanctum - Close the door

To the Governor's office - Close the door

To the VP office - Close the door

To the Oval Office - Close the door


Join his ragtag gang

Make a New World Order Plan


From the Jersey shore to the Marble Halls

They go legit - They get out of it


Bambino - Mario

The Boss walks alone

A man who gets things done


A man of power - he knows the part

Smiling like a clown with a broken heart


When he's on the world stage

He ends war, the NSA and cures all plagues


Mario - A bigga Don can make you smile or sweat

A man of power - who knows best


Bambino - Mario

When he's President - Will his past betray him?


What's the name of his game?

daVinci's game is change

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Griselda Steiner is a poet, dramatist and a freelance writer and Senior Writer for Scene4. Her compilation of poetry and writings "The Silent Power of Words" is now available for order on Amazon Books.
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