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The Art of David Wiley


The Language of Color

Only when the Darwinian greenery
began to unfold in the basements
      of God's institutions,
tossing off the little seeds
      that used to stick in the
      bulbous craws of the blue goats
      in my dreams,
only then were there also blossoms
      posing as eyes
      posing as noses
      posing as tongues,
      waiting for the machinery to stop.

When the light began
      to dance underwater
and the glaucous fingers
      of time uncurled,
muttering in the sunpowered babble
      known to hummingbirds
      known to the fine skeletal
      antennae of cobalt fish
      (the pale shadows of mermaids)
      known to herds of anemones
      glowing with an inner light
      impossible to reproduce,
then the wheels began to spin,
our grandfathers waved their
      personal flags in the dark,
petals unfurled in the rhythmic heat,
and sparks of color became
      the true food of the soul.

Art and Text Selection:
Lissa Tyler Renaud

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