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Where There's Smoke
The Photography of Jon Rendell


A wildfire raging in Northern California has left many dead and many more missing. And now, because of the smoke, many more people in the region are breathing in some of the worst-quality air in the world. Here are some photos of San Francisco during those days last month in November.


Islais Creek


San Francisco Dry Docks



Bicycle Police



Willie McCovey Statue, the skyline of San Francisco in the background.
Willie McCovey, the Hall of Fame first baseman who spent 19 of his 22 major-league seasons with the Giants and became one of the most beloved players in franchise history, died on the last day of October this year at the age of 80.


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Jon Rendell is a photographer and was born into an auteur/photog family in
Melbourne, Australia. His specialty is available light imagery.
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