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The Blame For It All | David Wiley | Scene4 Magazine-February 2018

The Blame For It All

The Art of David Wiley

Art and Text Selection:
Lissa Tyler Renaud

The Blame for It All - 2


Who is turning the penguins into fish?

Who is turning the polar bears into shark food?

Who is releasing plagues under the permafrost?

Who is determined to use every last ounce of fossil fuel?

Who is filling the planet with bad water?

Who is ignoring the grim destinies of its children?

Who is trashing the earth?


It isn’t the gods of Olympus playing games.

It isn’t the birds or the bees or the fish.

It isn’t the various warm and cold-blooded creatures inhabiting our jungles and forests and plains.

It isn’t the mountains and rivers without end.

It isn’t the alien visitors who came to see a beautiful planet while they still can.

It isn’t a glitch in the clockwork of the galaxy.

It isn’t the whales making waves.

It isn’t the magnetic fields playing off key.

It isn’t Mother Nature.

It isn’t God.


It is only we humans who can say that we had not the wit to survive in paradise.

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