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Carla Maria Verdino-Süllwold
A New Bard Is Caroling
 Walt Whitman
at Two Hundred

Elliot Feldman
Hard To Be A Jew

I’m an American. I’m a Jew.
I love bacon. Live with it.

Miles David Moore
Film Reviews

Summer Fantasies
Late Night
The Dead Don’t Die


Michael Bettencourt
The Nuclear Option
The HBO series Chernobyl had an odd popularity

Arthur Danín Adler
Castle Keep... Revised
As he paved the way for the zombie who followed him

 Claudine Jones
How I spent Myself
 Taking cheap shots at young folk not very helpful

Nathan Thomas
Complexity Is Our Business
No trouble letting ex-Nazis into the country

Patrick Walsh
Out of Season
I was firmly fixed in the strength of summer 

 Les Marcott
Audition Nightmares…
Lessons Learned

Doesn’t mean it’s altogether legitimate  

Gregory Luce
On Being and Not Being
a Nature Poet

To be honored and encouraged


Karren LaLonde Alenier
Toni Morrison
The Pieces I Am

A role model for any writer,
any woman, any African American

Elliot Feldman
Old Fart Village

Mr. Big Shot on Midge’s front lawn

Janine Yasovant
Arts of Thailand
Nukoon Panyadee
Deciding to be a freelance artist
didn’t mean to stay at home

(in English and Thai)

 นุกูล ปัญญาดี

Lissa Tyler Renaud
Quadrille of Trauma
Conjuring August Wilson's
African American Century

Materials in a
Spiritual World

A contextual look at Kandinsky’s The Yellow Sound
by Clay Gold

Griselda Steiner
Honoring Rip Torn
Opted out of becoming a Hollywood Star



The Photography of Jon Rendell
Postcards From Melbourne
A few pockets of the past

The Art of David Wiley

A Lesson In Art History


David Alpaugh
Visual Poems
In A Parallel Universe...
The Tree Advises Its Twigs
The Animal Within
Nick Names 

Selena Zachai
Stand on the bridge between sleeping and awakening

Kathi Wolfe
Dream Dance
We need to talk, I say to Fred, my Seeing-Eye cat


Talos Ensemble
A New Medea Noir


Michael Bettencourt
Undress Me
 The Greed Gene

Michael Bettencourt
Theatre Thoughts


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