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Carla Maria Verdino-Süllwold
Subject, Object, Artist, Or Muse
 How far have women come in 200 years

Miles David Moore
Film Reviews
The Arc Toward Justice
Green Book, On the Basis of Sex

Janine Yasovant
Arts of Thailand
Kamol Tassananchalee
An Artist of Two Worlds
(in English and Thai)

 กมล ทัศนาญชลี ศิลปินแห่งชาติ

ตะวันออกและตะวันตก ศิลปินสองซีกโลก


Michael Bettencourt
By Whatever Light
Your mortality is always threatened

Arthur Meiselman
Anonymous Days
Who wrote Shakespeare’s writings?

 Claudine Jones
Wrong Red
Reminding myself to breathe

Nathan Thomas
Whatever It Is, I’m Against It
Immigration has made American culture

Patrick Walsh
My death must soon be upon me

 Les Marcott
Waylon: Tales Of My Outlaw Dad

Waylon Jennings is the subject of a book by his son


Karren LaLonde Alenier
What Is Conceptual Art?
Bruce Nauman and Trevor Paglen goad their audiences

Elliot Feldman
Old Fart Village

Mr. Pivnick’s Trash Tale

Ned Bobkoff
Red Mother
A native woman worming her way
 from one war to the next

Griselda Steiner
Goddess in Exile- continued
The action takes place in a vivid NYC milieu



The Photography of Jon Rendell
Postcards from
San Francisco’s City Hall

Actually taller than the United States Capitol

The Art of David Wiley
Adrift In A Sea of Questions
Without Answers


Affirmation of a
Submarine Empire


Kathi Wolfe
Dead Air
Our broadcast is only static now--

Lissa Tyler Renaud
A Transition in Transit
 A Memory

David Alpaugh
High Coup
For those who detest concrete

David Wiley
 The Mystery of Taste
You are what you eat


Talos Ensemble
A New Medea Noir


Michael Bettencourt
Undress Me
 The Greed Gene

Michael Bettencourt
Theatre Thoughts


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