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After Morandi
Jon Rendell
On the shelves was a collection of glass bottles and vases

Miles David Moore
Film Reviews
Outcast from the Lord
Boy Erased

Carla Maria Verdino-Süllwold
Believe What You Are Saying
A Conversation with Actor James Patterson



Michael Bettencourt
Words that freed him from anxiety

Arthur Meiselman
Body and Soul redux
 At 22, she was a woman

 Claudine Jones
Freezer Burned
Bring on the binge-watching, bitch!

Nathan Thomas
There’s one trigger warning I wish I’d see more often

Patrick Walsh
Karma and Mitzvah
A mini-Oscar for Martin Landau

 Les Marcott
Divining the Political Yard Signs

Nearly accomplished the impossible.



Karren LaLonde Alenier
Maria Callas with a dash of Gertrude Stein

Janine Yasovant
Arts of Thailand
Silpa Bhirasri’s House
 The father of Thai Contemporary Art
(in English and Thai)

 บ้านอาจารย์ศิลป์ พีระศรี

ศิลปินชาวอิตาเลียนคอราโด้ เฟโรซี่ (ศิลป์ พีระศรี)

Elliot Feldman
Old Fart Village

The Flower Schnorrer

Ned Bobkoff
The Art of William Steig
The comic drama of cartoons

Griselda Steiner
Goddess in Exile- continued
The action takes place in a vivid NYC milieu

Renate Stendhal
Lost Time
Lectures on Proust in a Soviet Prison Camp



The Art of David Wiley
Painting & Poetry



David Alpaugh
Cadaver Dog
 A dog is barking in Paradise

David Wiley
A New Humanism
The unexamined life is not worth living

Les Marcott
To see someone do some serious juggling, I’m your man


Michael Bettencourt
Undress Me
 The Greed Gene

Michael Bettencourt
Theatre Thoughts


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