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Carla Maria Verdino-Süllwold
It Don’t Mean A Thing
If It Ain’t Got That Swing

 Duke Ellington’s Sophisticated Ladies

Janine Yasovant
Arts of Thailand
Tee Naanthawariis
A Landscape Architect who
loves the art of 3D filmmaking

(in English and Thai)

 ธีร์ นันทวริศ

Renate Stendhal
Bonnne Birthday Glückwunsch!
Consistent wit and relevance


Michael Bettencourt
Balancing Act
If humans weren’t around

Arthur Danin Adler
Four Virgins and A Spoon
Some things are better left unknown

 Claudine Jones
Bill of Rights
 Too much time on my hands

Nathan Thomas
After The Old Order Changeth
I kept up with the Avengers

Patrick Walsh
Twenty Years with The Travelers
A portable refuge as well as a moveable feast 

 Les Marcott

No, it’s not a medical term  


Karren LaLonde Alenier
The Statesmanship of Being Poet Laureate
What most people, including poets, don’t know

Lissa Tyler Renaud
Kandinsky's Theatre Life
A Breathless Resume, Part 1
 He is still today among the most daring

Miles David Moore
Film Reviews
A World of Trouble
Avengers: Endgame

Elliot Feldman
Old Fart Village

Look who’s talkin!

Griselda Steiner
Goddess in Exile- continued
Leo Castelli was at the helm

Gregory Luce
“The piano ain’t got no wrong notes”
Some Thoughts on
Erik Satie and Thelonious Monk



The Photography of Jon Rendell
Thirty Seven Degrees
I returned permanently to Melbourne

The Art of David Wiley
View of Village with Clock Tower

Rimbaud’s House


Selena Zachai
The light is green beneath the sun.
The grasses reflect and sway to your moving body.

David Alpaugh
Visual Poems
True Story
I'm Dreaming I'm Awake
Awkward Question
Do We Get To Sit Down In Heaven?


Talos Ensemble
A New Medea Noir


Michael Bettencourt
Undress Me
 The Greed Gene

Michael Bettencourt
Theatre Thoughts


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In This Issue

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