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    Selena Zachai

Sing to me... singer of you and me
The night is ending.
In the dark warm shadows, whisper my name,
I cannot whisper yours you are my name.
I am the outer chamber of your heart,
Pulsing as it pulses, quieting as it quiets.
The night is ending.
Light streams from the rim of the sky and
flashes along the curve of your body
dark in front, thigh on fire.
Touch it, the cat's fur of your skin.
The shape of you vibrates, shimmers.
There is no need to sleep.
Sing to me.

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Selena Zachai | Scene4 Magazine |

Selena Zachai is a poet and weaver who
has lived in New England forever.
For more of her writings in Scene4,
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May 2019

Volume 19 Issue 12

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