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20th Year of Publication

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SS. Burrus/Nannihe
Fire Reborn
A new tribe of people will appear on the Earth

Carla Maria Verdino-Süllwold
Heidi Kettenring
 Chicago’s Leading Lady

Renate Stendhal
Could It Be Sex?
Billy Budd at San Francisco Opera

Miles David Moore
Film Review

 Hollywood Knights
Once Upon a Time...in Hollywood


Michael Bettencourt
Time Frame
Pushing back against essentialist
and imperialist thinking

Arthur Danín Adler
A Child of the First People
Above all, she was a Cherokee woman

 Claudine Jones
 This place was also woo woo to the nth degree

Nathan Thomas
On the Verge of Terra Incognita
Geography is an amazing thing

Patrick Walsh
New York’s Finest
Remembering Eddie Money
He never abandoned his blue-collar origins

Gregory Luce
Dopesick, Gunsick, Godsick
No answers for the waste of human potential

Les Marcott
The High Price of
impersonating elvis

Shot down in an Alabama pawn shop.


Karren LaLonde Alenier
What the Constitution Means to Me
The content of this play is in reaction
to what is going on politically in the US

Elliot Feldman
Old Fart Village

Hey! California Gurlz!

Janine Yasovant
Arts of Thailand
Roongroj Piamyossak
101 Historic Houses San Pathong
(in English and Thai)

รุ่งโรจน์ เปี่ยมยศศักดิ์ั

Lissa Tyler Renaud
The Bauhaus as Inspiration
for Chinese Innovation
Report from Hangzhou

by Kiril Bolotnikov

Griselda Steiner
My Mother’s Memoir
Rich with tales of families



The Photography of Jon Rendell
Out of Mandalay

The Art of David Wiley
Garden Path

 Chillalo Awakening


Michael Bettencourt
Light Fantastic
Undress Me
Ear Buds
 The Greed Gene

Michael Bettencourt
Theatre Thoughts


David Alpaugh
Visual Poems
Poppy Apocalypse
Pundits Playing Taps on Cable TV
“ The Street”
Fail Safe For Crackpot Speculation 

Selena Zachai
Second Canto...Me
Why have you left me?

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