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Gumsak Atipiboonsin
Abstract art is a universal language

Janine Yasovant


Gumsak Atipiboonsin is a senior well-known artist in Thailand. His work has become popular with overseas collectors. He chooses to do abstract work based on their inspiration, and he has worked continuously, never stops, no matter how long time has passed.

He graduated from the Faculty of Painting, Silpakorn University Bangkok Thailand. He explored many art forms. Finally, the abstract is something he is more proud to do and he says that when they see abstract painting without asking the artist what it is, the audience will ask themselves how they feel when they see his work. And being a senior artist in the Thai art world, the price of his painting is quite high, along with the quality of the work.


JY. Tell us your perspective of abstract art.

GA. Abstract art is a universal language that communicates the conditions of the artist's mind immediately and directly. It is free and not limited by any regulations. The aesthetic taste we receive from abstract art is like a deep and impressive emotion that we get after listening to a masterpiece of instrumental music composition in which the melody amazingly communicates feelings to us without the use of any words. Traces and strokes of the artist's brush have the same power while he is creating a piece of art. The created work responds to the need of the subconscious mind of the artist. Although the result of the finished work may not be an answer to any reasoning questions, it is still a reflection of the artist's intention and truth even today. My painting reduces and abandons forms and stories in my paintings. Only the power of the colors remains on the canvas. My work is like a record of my breathing.


JY. Please tell us about the inspiration for your current work.


GA. It is still an abstract work that uses bright colors and simple shapes. Due to the situation of COVID 19, there is continuous working time. I want the audience to be happy to see the event even only in online media. This work is inspired by the nature that has been harvested from real locations to save as a work of abstract design.


JY. Please tell us something your life and education.

GA. I grew up in Pathumwan district in Bangkok until my family moved to the Thonburi side, Samre district, then moved to Sathupradit near the market, where there are antique coffee shops in the market. I have love d drawing since childhood. Participated in a picture contest in high school, vocational, won the third watercolor in the vocational education contest of Thailand

At home,  I was the only one who studied and entered the Faculty of Painting, University in 1985 and graduated from the Faculty of Painting in 1989,

Year three, I was the chairman of the Faculty of Painting. I worked for an online magazine for 17 years. While working, I continued to create works. Still working on abstract painting. The journey of making art in its early days as a full artist was quite difficult. Online in those days used Albal Photos went to presenting Galleries. Lucky to come across an American white gallery based in Thai H Gallery Row.

SathornRoad has allowed us to showcase and sell the works of both domestic and international customers until they have the money to buy houses for studios and living. Personally, my family is quite supportive and encouraging.

Now in Samut Prakan, there is a studio in my house, I work every day.



1996 Cobalt Blue Group's 3rd Art Exhibition's  National Gallery

1997 Golden Jubilee Art Exhibition of Thai Art, at Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre 55th Contemporary Art Exhibition at Silpakorn University

1998 "Marine Dance" Art Exhibition at Central Chidlom

1999 Cobalt Blue Group's 4th Art Exhibition at National Gallery

2000 "Dazzling Colors" with Opas Chotiphanthawanon at Viengtavern Gallery

2001 Sukhothai Paintings' Art Exhibition at Thai Cultural Center, and Viengtavern Gallery "Portrait Paintings" at Silpakorn University Gallery

"META Paintings" at Viengtavern Gallery, Bangkok

2002 "Landscape Paintings" at Silpakorn University Gallery

2002 INDIGENOUS at H Gallery, BKK, Thailand 2003 NATIVE at H Gallery, BKK, Thailand   NATURAL SELECTION, BMW   Meets Arts IV, & H Gallery, BKK

2004 DOMAIN, H Gallery, BKK, Thailand

2005 FERTILE PLAIN at NAC, Gramercy Park, New York

2006 FERTILE PLAIN, at H Gallery, Bangkok Thailand

2009 (Feb-Apr): Gallery Show at H Gallery, BKK

2009 (Jul-Aug): Thai Contemporary Art at H Gallery, BKK 

2012 Art in Dreambox, at Siam Kempinski Hotel

2013 Co-exhibition by Faculty of Fine Art, Sculpture, Graphic Art and Paintings' Alumni, Silpakorn University

2014 Imagination in Bangkok.

2015 Battle solo at SAC The Art Center 2018 Art for life at Queen Sirikit Art gallery.

2018 Thai Contemporary 3rd The River City.

2018  Spirare Solo  Exhibition

At Lhong 1919 Bangkok.

2018  Change at Artery Gallery Bangkok.

2018 Affordable at Singapore.

2019 Look at ME at g23 gallery

2019 Relations at Joy man gallery

2020COVID 19 Collective Exhibition, Ratchadamnoen Art Gallery

2020 Conflux Ratchadumnoen Contemporary Art Center.

2020 Informative Yelo House.

2020. COZY Bar Bali Bangkok.

2020 Xspace the Exhibition

2021 Colour of Living Oldtown gallery

2021 Mango Art fair at Lhong 1919


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Arthur Danin Adler

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