Sometimes There Is Bliss


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"Sometimes There Is Bliss", 24in. x 48in. (61cm. x 122cm.),
Oil stick, acrylic, glass beads, & mixed media on wood panel, 2016.


This Summer, Provincetown MA is gratefully re-opening its famed galleries to live audiences, in a sign of optimism and new hope for the future.


I am thus very excited to share with you the joy of returning to exhibiting -- in a beautiful gallery setting -- paintings that are alive with evident and unconstrained energy.

The exhibition particulars:

    The painting above gave its title for the exhibition –
    Sometimes There Is Bliss.

    This solo show will highlight 10-12 paintings from my post-minimal cycle of work.

    AMP Gallery – link: http://www.artmarketprovincetown.com/art/20210625/

    June 25 – July 21, 2021



"Lover Be Blue", Acrylic and glass beads on wood panel,
24in. x 36in. (61cm x 91cm), 2019-20


These paintings have something to say, and while I hope you will all get a chance to see them in person, I can at least share with you my Artist Statement "for this exhibition"-- and let it speak for them.


Artist Statement


I paint in several color-filled abstract modes.

In this exhibition, I invite you to experience the bliss of my post-minimal cycle of paintings.

This work first came into being several years ago, as I experimented with a new artists' material, glass bead gel – tiny glass beads in a suspension of acrylic medium.


To experiment, to search, to find that stopping point, when the painting becomes self-sufficient, its own, prepared for an interchange of energies (formerly hidden and now visible) with the viewer. The painter becomes a medium. And which medium s/he chooses, leads to an outcome: an open meeting on the plane of materiality, in the textures of what once was a flat surface, and is no longer two-dimensional, inert and lifeless.


The artist-mediated energies are called down from the Elysian Fields above, activated into conscious understanding, into intermingling with our restless plane -- on that Occam's razor between exuberance and quiescence – known to the lovers of chanting meditation as the eternal transcendent moment. It's the humming of hummingbirds, restless wings blurring before the nectar of life. The potentiality of creation is the surface that entertains the coming together of tribes and cultures, the rhythms of their wordless songs – before words arrive to sort our feelings into concepts and to stiffen energies into solid objects.



"Bonjour Monsieur Gauguin", Acrylic and glass beads on wood panel,
12in. x 24in. (31cm x 61cm), 2019-20


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Born and raised in Moscow, USSR, Philip Gerstein began exhibiting his work in the 1980's with the Boston Visual Artists Union, after pursuing a PhD in Art History at Harvard University.  He studied painting at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and Japanese calligraphy with Toshu Ogawa. Gerstein exhibits in NYC, Provincetown MA, and extensively in the Boston area, as well as organizing and curating painting and photography shows. His work has been reviewed, reproduced and praised in numerous publications, including The Boston Globe, ArtScope Magazine, and Art New England, and he is the author of the prize-winning essay, "Art of Color: Beauty in art comes in so many forms; art of color is a special case of it." International Painting Annual 4. 1st. Cincinnati: Manifest Press, 2014.
More at http://www.PhilipGerstein.com
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