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Michael Bettencourt
Rage, Rage....
Useful, purgative, truthful healing — will only come from rage, honest moral rage at the stupidities, lies, and fuckings-over
of the princes in power

Arthur Meiselman
Cabbages and Kings
They babble. Incessantly. Text messages and emails and voices into little mobiles stuck in their ears and blogs and twitters and facebooks and youtubes and newscasts and talk shows

Nathan Thomas
What Makes A Good Play or A Play Good?
The question of what makes for a good play has been much on my mind this winter and spring. With my company of novice actors,
 the question of material is ever-present.

Les Marcott
Astral Weeks Revisited
Van Morrison -  Astral Weeks Live at the Hollywood Bowl - his latest effort revisits one of the most revered recordings
 in the history of rock/pop

Claudine Jones
Money, Power and Sex
I see a cloud of thick blonde hair, a bright pink, peek-a-boo blouse showing lots of arm. A call-girl? Yikes.  Then we hear the guy. They're on a first date; met online. He's cooing, he's booming, he knows everything and he's going to tell her all of it.

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