April 2013


So Far, So Good
Michael Bettencourt
Scene4 Magazine: Michael Bettencourt | www.scene4.comIn a play of mine, Light. Fantastic., Clu Martin, a writer, in speaking with another character about why he, Clu, tried to commit suicide, talks about how the phrase "What is the point?"

A Man For All Seasons But One... redux
 Arthur Meiselman
Scene4 Magazine: Arthur Meiselman |
I'll keep it short with cloudy details because I haven't retold it much and I'm uncertain as to the final outcome of the events and the relevance or danger of the facts today.

On Turning 50
Nathan Thomas

Scene4 Magazine: Nathan Thomas | I don't know why it's such a big deal.  Thirty-seven was bigger than forty.  Forty-nine was nothing.  But hitting the big "five-oh" this month looms large.

There Are No Gatekeepers
Les Marcott

Scene4 Magazine: Les Marcott | www.scene4.comI've come to the sad realization that there are no gatekeepers – no arbiters of good taste, and/or good sense to filter out the spam and the garbage, fraud and the fraudulent.

Pros Up the Wazoo
Claudine Jones

Scene4 Magazine: Claudine Jones | Don't quite recall how the subject of defining professional came up, but as usual, once a word enters the domestic atmosphere, it stays until it has been replaced or has worn out its welcome.

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April 2013

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