In This Issue


Howard Barker On Stage
Leonardo Di Caprio's The 11th Hour
Beverly Sills


The Gut In The Head
Michael Bettencourt


Ingmar Bergman
Arthur Meiselman


What Is It . . . You Do . . . Exactly?
Nathan Thomas


A Monologue In D Minor
Les Marcott


The Fireman, The Witness And
The Cloud Of Unknowing
Martin Challis


Summer Camp
Lia Beachy


Girl Talk
Claudine Jones


Film Reviews of
Knocked Up

Miles David Moore


San Francisco Opera's
Der Rosenkavalier
Renate Stendhal


School House
Home Grown Theatre
Ned Bobkoff


Film Review of
Carole Quattro Levine


Beverly Sills
Karren Alenier


Leonard DiCaprio's
The 11th Hour
Arthur Kanegis


Steiny Road To Operadom
Let's Play A Play - redux
Karren Alenier


Life Among The Heffalumps
The Joy Of Being Politically Incorrect
Kathi Wolfe


Old Hippy
Job Interviews Suck

Elliot Feldman


Jerry Lewis
The Day The Clown Cried
Salem Kapsaski


Arts of Thailand
 The Nude Paintings of
Visoot Chareanporn

Janine Yasovant


A Journal Of Plays
Alexis Clements


Arts of Brazil
Not For The Drawers
Andréa Carvalho


Scene4 Blogs
the readers blog
Qué Pasa


Writers Blogs
The Dressing-Karren Alenier
Miles David Moore
Life In Acting-Martin Challis
Thai Nights-Arthur Meiselman
Dr. Barnabas T. Bynum's New School
 Musical Revue and Travelling
Minstrel Show
Les Marcott
The [Puzzle]-Andréa Carvalho


Roosevelt Elementary
Jais Brohinsky and Cohen Ambrose


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