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Michael Bettencourt
When Does Someone Get Old
Bette Davis was right about growing old: it's not for sissies.  That goes as much for the caretakers as it does for citizens turning daily senior before our eyes.

Arthur Meiselman
Through the Myth-Making Glass Lightly
There is a nearly an uncountable number of urban-rural myths regarding people in foreign lands—places other than where you live.
Here are a few:

Nathan Thomas
The Game of Perception
Two tragedies as unalike as tragedies can be. Hamlet and the ecological disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.  One an old play about personal ambition and death and revenge, the other a modern experience of personal ambition and death and revenge.

Les Marcott
The Long Goodbye
Larry King won't be retiring until "sometime" in the fall; Oprah won't be leaving her show until September of next year.  Call it what you will but I call it the long goodbye.

Claudine Jones
Liked But Not Well Liked
 I will say, though, that the performance of the play was as close to a complete waste of my time, without being a total train wreck, as I have seen in quite a while.

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August 2010

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