August 2013


Michael Bettencourt
Scene4 Magazine: Michael Bettencourt |

Despite whatever else a gun is
it is foremost a manufactured
commodity like cigarettes.

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Hong Kong Nights at 4:30pm
 Arthur Meiselman
Scene4 Magazine: Arthur Meiselman |
Tricky little title isn't it?
Comes from a remorseful Mekong Whiskey
and Beaujolais hangover driven ditty.

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Her Foot Was Pretty
Nathan Thomas
Scene4 Magazine: Nathan Thomas | 
In that moment I entered into
the special insanity of anyone who
wantsto write about acting.

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Gotta Go Faster
Les Marcott
Scene4 Magazine: Les Marcott |

There's no time to be lackadaisical.
Wean yourself off the hillbilly heroin.
Fight through the pain. It's all adrenaline
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Water Spiders
Claudine Jones
Scene4 Magazine: Claudine Jones |
 Once upon a time in a land of very
little consequence, a royal family had a bit
 of a problem with the youngest of the brood.

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August 2013

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