December 2004

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Orgia tours Italy
An Orgy
on Tour
in Italy

An orgy of words, passions, memories that overcome a Man and a Woman, through a ritual sacrifice of sex and violence. It's Orgia by Pier Paolo Pasolini, directed by Andrea Adriatico just  the anniversary of the death of the great Italian intellectual in 1975.

The performance opening night was on the 20th of October in Bologna, where Adriatico works for Teatri di Vita ( The show then toured in Rome (Teatro Vascello) and Lubljiana (Slovenia) and it will be in Turin in March 2005.

This show represents a violent attack on modern alienation, through an extreme and outrageous mise en scene, where sex becomes violence and love is pure sadomasochism.

Orgia is the most "abstract" work by Pasolini, and maybe the most poetic and moving one, directed by its author himself in Turin on 1968; it was performed by Laura Betti, the classical actress of Pasolini's films.

The main characters are a Man and a Woman who torture themselves as a sacrifice on Easter day. It is a tragedy of sadomasochism but also an accusation of the displacement of a society running towards a faithless future; the roots of an ancient past time have produced unhappy people and then, at the end of the tragedy, causes the death of the Man and the Woman, destroyed by the memory of a lost and sincere age.  

After dedicating many plays and events to Pasolini, since the beginning of the 90's, Andrea Adriatico works for the first time with a tragedy by Pasolini, after having played authors such as Koltès, Copi, Testori and Mishima.

Adriatico directeds with equilibrium between the focus on  Pasolini's words and on the physical strength of the performance, stressed by the nearness of the audience. The scene is a black tunnel, with the audience seated on both sides looking at the actors performing close up. The show transforms itself into a real experience of intense contact with Pasolini's poetry and with the accusation of a society that is unable to understand its own past and so its future.

Francesca Ballico (the Woman)
Maurizio Patella (the Man)
Rossella Dassu (the Girl).

Lighting and scene design by Andrea Cinelli
Sound by Enrico Medri
Costumes by Romeo Gigli and La Perla

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