In This Issue


Michael Bettencourt
Meeting John Doe

 Arthur Meiselman
A Man For All Seasons But One

Nathan Thomas

Les Marcott
Taylor Pie
The Music Never Dies

Claudine Jones
Holding Six on the pre-Apocalypse Jitterbug


Film (Reviews)
Miles David Moore
Argo, The Sessions,
The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Painting and Poetry
The Art of
David Wiley

Renate Stendhal

Jake Heggie's Moby Dick


Arts of Thailand
Janine Yasovant
As a Way of Health
(in English and Thai)

Karren Alenier
The Steiny Road to Operadom
Online and Thriving

Kathi Wolfe
Life Among the Heffalumps
 A Holidaze Survival Guide

Elliot Feldman
My Old Man!
Hummer Ho!

Griselda Steiner
The Goddess In Exile

Renate Stendhal

Einstein on the Beach
Then and Now


Images - Photography
Jon Rendell
Postcards from Washington, DC

Writings - Monologues
Les Marcott
The Santa Clause Monologues

Writings - Story
Arthur Meiselman
The Man with the Thing

Writings - Dialogue - Video
Michael Bettencourt
Undress Me

Writings - Dialogue - Video
Michael Bettencourt
The Greed Gene


letters to the editor
Qué Pasa

The Dressing-Karren Alenier
On Miles David Moore-Miles David Moore
Dr. Barnabas T. Bynum's New School
 Musical Revue and Travelling
Minstrel Show
-Les Marcott


Phone Call
A Play by
Anthony R. Pezzula


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