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Claudine Jones
Holding Six on the pre-Apocalypse Jitterbug

February 2013

Chat Transcript
Please wait while we find an agent to assist you...

Thank you for chatting it up with Bippos today, my name is Michelle M and I'm happy to assist you.

Michelle M:  Hi Flo, I see your question: Warranty on Zojirushi EA-TAC35 Gourmet Sizzler Electric Griddle. It will be just a moment while I look into that for you! Ho's your day going by the way?

Flo:  Giants are winning 7 to Zip!

Michelle M:  Yeah! Go Giants!

Flo:  too bad about the A's though

Michelle M:  Too bad is right. I'm rooting for the Giant though. I couldn't find the warranty info in my resources, but I do have there Customer Service contact in case you'd want that.

Flo:  I guess my question is, how can I try an electric griddle, find out that it doesn't work and then return it to Bippos 'unused in original packing'?

Flo:  8 to nothing!

Michelle M:  Yes!

Michelle M:  Well if you open it and it is broken or defective we can certainly do an exchange or even the full refund no problem, since we dint send it in good conditions

Michelle M:  If it were used it wouldn't be original condition and it wouldn't be as easy to return

Flo:  the website doesn't seem to deal with returning anything but shoes

Flo:  of course you can't go outside with shoes & then return them, but it's really hard to *not* use a frying pan

Michelle M:  Let me check with my resource desk on appliances exceptions, because it is hard to see if you don't use it.

Flo:  okay

Michelle M:  Lets say for example you open it and it wont heat properly or doesn't work we would give a refund or exchange no problem. It would be a case by case exception to refund or exchange if you open and don't like it or it wont "hold six pancakes." And we allow a one time exception out of the policies if the refund and exchange is chosen.

Flo:  I always save my packaging; the hard part is choosing a vendor when you are taking a chance on a product: most electronics will be DOB so they can be exchanged if there's a problem. The griddle is of the kind of product that seems to have power issues after, say, six months of moderate use. The thermostat goes bad or some such thing. Tough to predict. So it would be nice to know that there is a year's worth of coverage on the product if you haven't abused it.

Flo:  'when the lights go down in the City' Three more outs and it's on the World Series!

Michelle M:  That would be a case by case exception, but being that it shouldn't happen in a short time of usage it would make sense to help you with that item. And you do have a year to be assisted with a refund or exchange with Bippos.

Flo:  omg HOME RUN Belt!

Michelle M:  I was looking at Sojourns' Webster and I did see that you can register there product for warranty services

Michelle M:  Sorry, that was meant to say Zojirushi

Michelle M:  I was about to call them for specifics but they are closed now

Flo:  yeah I was looking on their website and coming up empty on warranty info; so you go through registration with them

Flo:  sounds good; I like that it is not a teflon coating

Michelle M:  I love there rice cookers

Flo:  thanks for the help!

Michelle M:  You're welcome!

Flo:  I just switched to using my wok for cooking rice--when I came back from a trip to India, I got into basmati rice with spices and the wok's perfect. Fast--like 10 minutes--and very fluffy

Michelle M:  That's amazing. I wouldn't ever think of that. sounds like some old world cooking styles.

Flo:  You have to season your wok pretty well so things don't stick; and also watch your heat--if the oil starts smoking, remove from the heat IMMEDIATELY or it's spoiled; I just move it over to the next burner. When you toss a drop of water in & it sizzles, then you can 'perfume' or 'temper' the oil with some spices like mustard seeds & tumeric & fennel and then toss your well rinsed rice in, put some hot water to cover, stir & cook for 5-6 minutes and it fluffs up wonderfully.

Michelle M:  I am going to need to cook my rice like that next time. That sounds awesome, making me hungry.

Flo:  one out away and it's raining

Michelle M:  Its coming down hard too

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Like an orthopedic soprano, Actor/Singer/Dancer Claudine Jones has worked steadily in Bay Area joints for a number of decades. With her co-conspirator Jaz Bonhooley, she also has developed unique sound designs for local venues. She's also a Senior Writer and columnist for Scene4.
For more of her commentary and articles, check the Archives

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February 2013

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