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january 2008

ars est celare artem
art is...
to conceal art

What is art? It is a question so profound that it is impossible to embrace it and begin even a simple answer. Yet this simple statement, "art is to conceal art", derived from an entirely different intention by Ovid and Qunitilian and others, provokes an equally profound thought as if spoken by a Zen master. What does it mean? Does it picture the eruption of art and arts activities in our times through technology and enpowerment and avid consumerism? Is everyone an artist? And if everyone is an artist, what is art? What does it conceal?

In this special issue of Scene4, the question is asked, the writers approach it by examining forms, people and their own thoughts. Their attempt is to provoke more answers, more thoughts, more art.

Are you provoked?

Arthur Meiselman and
the Editors of Scene4


january 2008

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