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timendi causa est nescire
the cause of fear is ignorance

In the Ancient World, that time before Judeo-Christian morality and the steam engine, Art was not usually segregated from the days and nights of journeying through life. The vast sum of it was identified with the craft of the 'artisan' who created works out of fear, by threat, commission and the possibility of sale, often driven by the ignorance of religion. The artist as an impressionistic window into the where and why of life was uncommon and often ignored.

Miles David Moore
Karren Alenier
Renate Stendhal
Nathan Thomas
Les Marcott
Michael Bettencourt
Catherine Conway Honig
Lia Beachy
Claudine Jones
Janine Yasovant
Kathi Wolfe
Griselda Steiner
Elliot Feldman




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