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Scene4 Magazine -"From These Roots" - Claudine Jones - January 2011

January 2011

Jake was born in San Francisco; nobody knows where Art was born.

Soon after JJB arrived he began reacting to the music around our house. One of his all time favorites was a tiny Spanish maraca given to him ca. 3 months old, lying in the sun on the deck, by the little girls next door. Winding the pendulum clock ('Bong!') in the kitchen was a very early prerequisite to starting our day. The cuckoo clock was a smash. The Bollywood soundtracks from Aamir & Shah Rukh Khan were a huge hit.  The introduction to cylinder and disk musical boxes from my collection was a gradual one, oftentimes taking hours at a session. We differentiated between 'cranking' and 'winding'. Nap time one day was impossible until I allowed him to take his special 'kwank' to bed with him. The pianola  was 'too LOUD! Cover your EARS!', but he'd still listen, sitting on my lap watching the keys in motion, then 'unh do a 'nudder one!' Putting a 5 pfennig piece in the coin slot on the upright Polyphon was a great game, until he figured out that he could tease me by making me wait…before dropping the coin in. As a Musical man, or with any other fascination, it's never a sure bet whether he'll embrace a gift or fling it at your head. 


4 mo. on the 'Good' couch—unknown Tune from Cylinder Musical Box ca. 1895


2 years later, same couch--California Here I Come, Tonawanda Band Organ


Same day—Nick of the Woods, 20-note Hand Crank Gem Roller Organ ca. 1900



2 ¾ yrs, Upstairs in the Rainbow Room Fire, Ohio Players, on the favorite disco station


Two mo. later in the Kitchen with Ap & Nammie--Unknown Tune, a cappella, with 'tools'.




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Like an orthopedic soprano, Actor/Singer/Dancer Claudine Jones has worked steadily in Bay Area joints for a number of decades. With her co-conspirator Jaz Bonhooley, she also has developed unique sound designs for local venues. She's also a Senior Writer and columnist for Scene4.
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January 2011

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