Whispering In Bed

Iri Kopal

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writings: dialogue

July 2012

Darkness. HE or SHE speaks first.

: I waited until it was dark, totally dark, no moon. Then I came home, to you, here.

: This is a surprise, you here, lying next to me.

: The surprise is... I can't see you.

:  Shhhh.

:  I can only hear you, and feel you.

:  Shhhh.

:  And I can smell you.

:  It's hot. Your skin is hot. You're wet.

:  Your skin's not hot. It's cool.

:  How do you know that? You're not pressed against me.

:  No I'm not.

:  Why?

:  Shhhh.

:  Are you naked?

:  Can't you tell? Yes, I am. Are you?

:  Yes. For a long time I expected this to happen, I wanted it to happen, like a dream. But it faded, and other dreams came.

:  How could that happen?

:  You didn't come.

:  Now I'm here, like a dream, and it isn't fading.

:  What are you talking about? I don't remember you anymore. I don't remember what you look like. I can't see you in the dark, here, now. I don't want to see you, here, now. I don't want you to see me, here, now. The time is gone.

:  Let me remind you.

:  How will you do that? Will you breathe in my ear, will you bite my lip, will you touch me in all the hot places? Will you kiss me?

:  All of that. We'll remember together and your skin will become hot and wet too.

:  You will be touching what you cannot see in the dark.

:  I will be touching your memory.

:  Shhhh. Nothing more. The time is gone.


It's almost dawn. Are you still here? No? Good. The time is gone. 

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©2012 Iri Kopal
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Iri Kopal is a poet, playwright and painter



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July 2012

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