What A Holiday

Alan S. Kleiman

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June 2012

At The Nightclub

At the nightclub there was no dancing last night
None of the regulars showed
None of the singers were there either
Nor any band
Or waiters
No drinks
The lights were low and only occasional
As if the circuits were out on most of them
There was hardly a glass for ice cubes
to tinkle in with soda water poured and gin martinis swirling away.
Easter night or Thanksgiving or Christmas Columbus Day it was.
They didn't have a sign they could flip around
Because they weren't in the business of being "closed"
But it was a holiday?
And people were celebrating?
And no dancing
Singing drinking
No lights
No wistful romance
No back slapping stories
No vodka martinis dirty were going down
At the nightclub last night
What a holiday.

Don't Forget Oil

The other day
My car talked to me.
Called at work said,
don't forget oil
on your way home,
and air, bring air too.
"Ok" I mumbled humbled.

Weeks later on the road
We never raised it
As if the conversation
had never happened.


Parking the car by the curb when
A child in a stroller looked up.
You're a cute tomato he said to the car
Talk to me man the car answered
They were each clairvoyant.

On The Road

I drove the road to paradise before I was even born
Three years behind the wheel, I sat in a desert storm
No one came to comfort me, no one called my name
No one understood me, no one played the game
I rode and rode before dawn, sixteen years of pain
And here I am in sainthood, crying out again
My mother knew my number, my father never did
"Love another" he told me, "Love yourself" he hid. 

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©2012 Alan S. Kleiman
©2012 Publication Scene4 Magazine

Alan S. Kleiman's poetry has appeared in Verse Wisconsin, The Criterion, Camel Saloon, Fringe, The Montucky Review, Pyrta, and other journals. His chapbook, Grand Slam, is forthcoming from Crisis Chronicles Press.  He lives in New York City and works as an attorney.


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June 2012

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