March 2011

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Imagination and Identity
The assumption is that only women can really write about women, African Americans about African Americans, and so on, discounting (in fact, demonizing) any attempt by anyone "outside" to employ imagination as a tool for crossing boundaries because someone from the "outside," by definition, cannot be authentic and, therefore, cannot get it "right."
Michael Bettencourt

The Academy Awards
To many people, worldwide, the American Academy Awards is the most important and prestigious event of its kind. Important? No question… an Academy Award is worth a small fortune, before and after taxes. Prestigious? Define prestigious
Arthur Meiselman

The Isle Is Full of Noises
The Tempest provides many opportunities for music and movement.  This month, a selection from a suite of incidental music for The Tempest. 
Nathan Thomas

It's All Anna Nicole!
There has been a court trial involving a domestic partner and a physician.  There have been magazine and newspaper articles written about her.  An opera has debuted in London inspired by her life.  And all of this has transpired just in the last several weeks.  We must remember, Anna Nicole Smith died in 2007 but her hold on the public imagination has not diminished.  It's all Anna Nicole all the time.  And that's just as she would have wanted
Les Marcott

Rainy Day
It seems that in order to get past this, I'm going to have to face another demon. Why did I suddenly stop desiring to sing? I used to just open my mouth & out it came. The technique could use some work, but the desire was always simple. No longer. If that is a question with no answer, so be it.
Claudine Jones

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March 2011

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