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March 2012

It is the friendship between this writer and artist Khun Daranee Charoenporn who I previously talked to several times since last year that prompts me to reiterate her dedication and effort with oil painting on canvas. This is a personal talent made from good spirit, intensive training and individual concept.

It was just the right moment to interview her about her life at Laem Singh cape. In the gallery, there were ten paintings of fishing boats at the pier and on the sea. The painting size is small and the price is not too expensive.

Laem Singh is a village near the east coast of Thailand in Chantaburi province. Khun Daranee grew up and was educated in Bangkok. She is a niece of Khun Visoot Charoenporn. Living with remarkable artists might be a reason why she loves the arts. She always prepared art materials for Khun Visoot Charoenporn and his wife Khun Penchan Premwut.

Khun Visoot mentioned that Khun Daranee liked to paint fishing boats in small frames. He also said that they were very beautiful. I saw those pictures and completely agreed with his judgment.

The next time, I visited Khun Penchan Premwut to take photos of her paintings and also to ask about her health. I thought she was healthier than the last time I saw her. She walked straight to me and showed some of her beautiful paintings of flowers on the wall. These paintings are made of love and full of emotion. Khun Daranee said that she worked slower now, but the work quality is still unchanged.

I asked the same question of Khun Penchan and Khun Daranee. How do you feel that Visoot had passed away? They answered in unison that it was very lonely and everyone had no feeling to work on any painting for a while. After hearing this, I felt sad for them as they reflected the sense of their loss.

During lunchtime, Khun Daranee prepared some food for Khun Penchan. I recalled the time when this family ate macrobiotic meals together and all their pets were running happily in the house. After lunch I took photos outside the house. It appears that many families moved in and built the houses around there. The weather in Maemalai, Maetang district was very nice. The sky was very clear but not too hot.

I also asked Khun Daranee when I could see her new paintings. I told her that I already have paintings of fishing boats but it was not enough. I wanted five pictures of flowers or anything that she would want readers to see. She smiled at me. A month later, Khun Daranee called me to see the latest five paintings. Khun Daranee lived with pets and a girl who lived next door. Here are all five paintings from Khun Daranee Charoenporn. 

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คลิกเพื่ออ่านบทความนี้ เป็นภาษาไทย

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March 2012

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