Scene4 Magazine-Lia Beachy
Scene4 Magazine-Lia Beachy

may 2006

Her Lover

chocolate orchid holds the air
she isn't breathing
he becomes her oxygen
tall and dark
an invisible invasion

When she leaves his bed
sitting on the edge
to put on a black shiny shoe, he sleeps
barely squeezing open an eye
to see her at the door, goodbye
no plans for tomorrow
no calls to say I miss you
he doesn't need her
but he tastes her
she doesn't move him
but she blindly follows

The next kiss
brushing past her softness
the next touch
burning through to the pulp
the next time
every pore open
for the dust and the musk
of this man
a ripple
undulating through her body
a release

she walks to the street
white noon daylight
moisture evaporates
crackle heart
counts the minutes
with no resolution
he is delicious
he is malicious
she will return


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Lia Beachy is a writer in Los Angeles
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Scene4 Magazine-International Magazine of Performing Arts and Media

may 2006

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