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Michael Bettencourt
Old Lady On The Ten-Speed
A cane, aluminum, tipped by grey rubber, dangled off the left handlebar.  Her back was S'd by scoliosis and pitched forward by osteoporosis, and a thatch of white hair riffled like a reed tuft in a breeze.

Arthur Meiselman
Andrea Dworkin
They rarely make self-invented, self-defined provocateurs as disturbing and inspiring and life-changing as Andrea Dworkin. She was and remains one of the most important women
one of the most important voices in the twentieth century.

Nathan Thomas
Teacher, Teacher
A century ago Stanislavsky did the unthinkable He started to look at what he did and what great actors did, and he began to distill a practical working theory of what actors actually do

Les Marcott
The Importance of Being Mickey
An Open Letter to Mickey Rourke
I'm feeling a bit of a let down
And this is coming from someone who didn't
just jump on the Mickey Rourke bandwagon

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