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Michael Bettencourt
Outrageous Fortune
I have been making my way through Outrageous Fortune: The Life and Times of the New American Play.  On April 15, Tax Day, I received notice that my play, Ain't Ethiopia, a semi-finalist at the O'Neill, would not become a finalist.  The two are not unrelated.

Theatre and Film
Arthur Meiselman
First Things Last
The reason I collect these works of art and non-art is because they are part of my time continuum. They exist with me in the present, spread out in all space/time directions, and they are my friends.

Nathan Thomas
Sleeper Awake
So I sit in the dark, and I watch, and I start to think.  I start to think, "Maybe we could do this show.  Maybe we could do that kind of project."   And instantly I'm back in the game.

Les Marcott
Apologist for the Unapologetic
If there is anyone who epitomizes my no apologies credo, who would it be?  Who would be my poster boy?  Probably none other than larger than life and perennial hell raiser
Jerry Lee Lewis.

Martin Challis
 Theatre - The Shared Experience

Is this audacious to call it great theatre: to compare events on the sporting field to scripted masterpieces of our time?

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May 2010

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