May 2011

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The Magic of the
Magic of Theatre

Directness, simplicity, honesty — those were there. But also how the performers invested the artifice with themselves and didn't just move around inside it. How they shaped the air with their words the way a painter reconfigures a canvas with paint.
Michael Bettencourt

Two To Remember
Lester Cole - He was a New York playwright, a prolific screenwriter during Hollywood's 'golden years' and Iris Chang - She was a diligent and perceptive historian who was also a gifted writer.
Arthur Meiselman

My Hero
For me, he seems to embody the best of both Laurence Olivier and Ralph Richardson. Sir Derek has possession of breath-taking technical skills of speech and movement. His mind can take you through hair-pin turns of thought with extreme ease. And, like Sir Ralph, he has a glimpse of grandeur and other-worldliness that allows a Cyrano and a Brother Cadfael.
Nathan Thomas

Fear mongers have always been with us. They've been around as long as fish mongers and whore mongers. But Glenn Beck has taken fear to a level of irrationality and profitability heretofore unseen in modern times. He is certainly not the only fear monger, but arguably its chief purveyor. His success is built upon fear. He has a propensity for crying and wrapping himself up in the Constitution and has garnered a rabid and loyal following.
Les Marcott

Where'd It Go?
I know why I didn't get a chance to take piano lessons when I was a kid: we didn't have a piano. (My best friend Colleen did. In fact one time we dawdled walking home from school & she missed her lesson. Man, her mom was mad! I didn't stick around to watch the carnage.) Of course when it came to classroom stuff, I was wild about singing.
Claudine Jones


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May 2011

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