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November 2010

Scene4 Magazine: "The Second Sun" by Griselda Steiner - November 2010 -

by Griselda Steiner

The earth in her majesty with wisdom unknowable
Casts a shadow mirror to the sun
Seen through the eyes of myths
Old Egyptian, Native and Mayan
Tell the tale of earth ages
In symbol, story and iconic stone

As the earth in her majesty with wisdom unknowable
Glides through space on her sacred rounds
Her wild magnetic hair blows in the cosmic winds
Swirling clouds, elipsing in rhythm 
Her blue crystal orb, The Eye of Ra,
The Egyptian Sun God's magic lens
Opens on hidden horizons 
When his iris cut by seismic waves
An underworld centered by a molten iron core,
The Second Sun,
Mirrors the radiant one  
Today its dawn has come

We worship the heavens where we launch our metal moons
Gazing at galaxies birthing in rainbow spheres
And record star life with magnifying shields
Then study fossil layered strata below
Stacked naked on canyon sides
That testify to sudden transformations    

Now the earth chisels a line so fine
We can't measure, being half-blind 
It marks the end of our time

Exploited and poisoned by man's violence
Nature's forces aim at our destruction
As the earth in her majesty with wisdom unknowable
Draws untraceable fractal patterns
Underneath her terrain  
In a nonsense pattern of catastrophe

Heated continents collide sculpting mountains
In a landscape of erupting volcanoes
Their giant red crater's cauldron of lava burns
Down the mountain's steep sides
Its inferno of plumes smoke in ash towers
Where devils dance to lightning and thunder splits the air
As black cloud galleys sail across the glaciers

Exploited and poisoned by man's violence
Nature's forces aim at our destruction
Clashing tectonic plates in subterranean wars
Send shock waves across ocean floors
Blasted by bombs, drilled down by miners
Who rob her treasured mineral heirlooms
She hemorrhages oil from ocean depths
And ignites blood fire in her swollen womb
Exploding blazing brews through miles of veins 
She scorches her skin in a reign of fire to purify her wounds
Then weeps floods to drown her rotted fields and injured animals

As she glides through space on her sacred rounds
In infinite circles invoking the divine
The Cherokee medicine wheel spins earth's circumference
As masked dancers sing in their ring of life
The terrible roar of the earth's spinning spokes
Echoes the song of their genocide
And coming time of mysterious prophecy

When cycles in Mayan's solar sphere long count calendar
End their tale in two thousand and twelve
In a shadow mirror reflected two one zero two
Second One Sun Second
When the inner sun scorches the land
And oceans claim the earth
"The first shall be last and the last shall be first."


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©2010 Griselda Steiner
©2010 Publication Scene4 Magazine

Griselda Steiner has written book reviews, drama and poetry published in Scene4. Her new book is My Take ... Your Take (Cultural Reflections) at
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November 2010

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