November 2011

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Michael Bettencourt
Zucotti Park or Bust
The punditocracy and chattering classes (a marvelous phrase) whine about the weirdness of the crowd and a lack of a demands-list and the fluid agenda, but of course they miss the point, either willfully/cynically or through their hard-acquired ignorance. The message is three-part, and it is clear: 1) the 99% have been shafted and don't want to be shafted anymore; 2) either we have corporatocracy or democracy, but we can't have both; and the most important 3) it's time that the power structure fears its citizens rather than the other way around.

Arthur Meiselman
The Q Factor
From George Santayana and others:
to ignore history is to be doomed to repeat it. True? Perhaps, with this caveat: the human species is a collective of behavior, habitual, ritual, repetitive behavior—not doomed to repeat its history, rather
self-programmed to recycle itself…
and its history.

 Nathan Thomas
OK! I wrote them

 The essence of most of the arguments against Shakespeare as a playwright boils down to snobbery. Some people simply seem to believe an education in some formal academic setting is necessary to produce greatness. Such an argument, though, ignores the reality of genius without the assistance of formal schooling. In the American experience, we can point to the example of Abraham Lincoln.

Les Marcott
Send In The Clowns

The 2012 Edition. This is a column I seem doomed to repeat every four years because every four years we elect a new president or reelect the current White House occupant.  The summer of our discontent will surely turn into the fall and winter of increased agitation and frustration with the current state of our political process. The Occupy Wall Street movement is but the latest in a series of disillusioned groups trying to influence the political landscape.

Claudine Jones
manual Labor & a six-buck Chicken

Would waiting offstage for my cue these days be any different than the anticipation of that crust on my bread just out of the oven?


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November 2011

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