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Brothers and Sisters here is my homily for today. Arthur Meiselman Scene4 Magazine April 2014

Our universe is expanding infinitely and Ridley Scott isn't planning to die. Arthur Meiselman Scene4 Magazine May 2014

Justice is in the eyes of strangers, art is what they see. Arthur Meiselman Scene4 Magazine July 2014

Along the land, the coastal land, as the summer ends, a new summer begins. The nights are colder, the sun is weaker, the sea is still warm. In the warmth of the afternoon, I walk along the grass-to-sand edge of the house, circling it, painting a fence around it with my body, protecting it. She is asleep inside, I am awake. I remember this memory, this song I sang to her: I called you, again and again, you didn't answer. I sent you one of those goddamned text messages, three of them, you didn...

What Michael Cimino wrought in 1980 is de rigueur today. Arthur Meiselman Scene4 Magazine August 2014

Explicitly about sex and love but more of a mind's journey through life. Arthur Meiselman Scene4 Magazine September 2014

The burning heart - loneliness from love lost. Arthur Meiselman Scene4 Magazine October 2014

Google, a money-printing, identity-shifting video game. Arthur Meiselman Scene4 Magazine November 2014

I don�t know what is happening. And frankly, I don�t care. Arthur Meiselman Scene4 Magazine December 2014

Possession is 9/10ths of the law and 10/10ths of possession. Notice of copyright has been found in the earliest writings including the hands in ancient cave paintings. | Scene4 Magazine December 2014

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