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inSight - WRITING | Scene 4 | MIKA OKLOP -

�Packaged Instructions: The Instant Short Story.� It�s a winning title all right�but unfortunately it came out of my head�and it�s a proven truth that all my brains happen to be in my fingers, and only function when I�m hitched up to a typewriter. | Harriet Halliday Renaud | Scene4 Magazine - May 2018

�Packaged Instructions: The Instant Story (Part 3).� I should confess that I never did have any ingredients for an instant short story�except the ones I�ve been talking about. | Harriet Halliday Renaud | Scene4 Magazine - July 2018

If you�re going to an International Shakespeare Festival, as I just did, you might as well give up thinking of Shakespeare as an English-language playwright. | Lissa Tyler Renaud | Scene4 Magazine - June 2016

A Memoir. | Lissa Tyler Renaud | Scene4 Magazine -December 2017

As always when he watched these Germans taken prisoner in Africa, he wondered at their youth and health and the almost insolent ease with which they worked in the hot unyielding sun. He knew that he himself, after three years of army life in his own country, was a prematurely middle-aged man.| Harriet Halliday Renaud | Scene4 Magazine - February 2018

George Goes To Italy. | Lissa Tyler Renaud | Scene4 Magazine -November 2017

Audiences in the Light. | Lissa Tyler Renaud | Scene4 Magazine-March 2018

She could feel her body tense and throbbing a little, and after awhile she got up and went to the door. She couldn�t see anyone in the hall and she walked over to the stairs and looked down. The halls were dimmed, but the stairs were all blacked out, and she couldn�t see anything.| Harriet Halliday Renaud | Scene4 Magazine - March 2018

Towards a Profession Worthy of Serious Consideration. | Lissa Tyler Renaud | Scene4 Magazine -August 2017

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