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As in Poland in the early years of the World War II, thousands of Jews in Lithuania were marched to pits and killed there. | Karren Alenier | Scene4 Magazine | March 2020

September 2013 Rats. Almost got myself arrested today at a protest; it would have been my first time but I wasn't quite prepared: when it suddenly looked as though the 'civil disobediencers' were going to proceed to lay their bodies down, I handed my cellphone & wallet to partner Rich. Surprised, he said 'you going to do it? I just nodded & waded into the group, belatedly realizing that we were now separated & how would he find me? I didn't want the po-po to slap on the cuffs (plastic ties, ...

Michael Bettencourt | Scene4 | Zucotti Park or Bust | The message is three-part, and it is clear: 1) the 99% have been shafted and don't want to be shafted anymore; 2) either we have corporatocracy or democracy, but we can't have both; and the most important 3) it's time that the power structure fears its citizens rather than the other way around. | Scene4 Magazine-November 2011

Scene4 Magazine- November 2007: Commentary - What Is/What If by Michael Bettencourt

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